Laser Treatment May Significantly Aid Gum Disease Patients



People with gum disease may not have to deal with all of the headaches associated with the condition.

A new treatment the utilized water and laser technology may be on the way. The treatment includes spraying a combination of water and air through a handpiece while the lasers are directed toward the mouth.

The lasers generate an explosion from the water molecules, which demolishes the diseased tissue. That tissue is then removed. The lasers don’t come into any contact with the body, making the process painless. There is also no anesthetic involved.

This type of treatment may also be used for teeth whitening, removal of decayed tooth tissue and extractions.

Gum disease impacts roughly 90 percent of people at some point in their lives, with many cases being minor. The other 10 percent of people would be considered susceptible to the disease.

The current treatment for gum disease is generally complex and requires many visits. In some cases, surgery is necessary.