KRISS.AI Transforms the Dental Industry with Revolutionary Dentistry Chatbot



KRISS.AI ( is proud to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art AI chatbot service, built exclusively for the dental industry. KRISS.AI, short for Knowledge Resource Intelligent Search System, is designed for use by patients, office personnel, and dental professionals. This innovative machine learning technology is set to redefine patient engagement, reduce staff workload, and facilitate evidence-based clinical decision-making.

The KRISS.AI chatbot offers 24/7 availability to enhance the patient experience. KRISS.AI goes beyond static knowledge bases by offering dynamic, personalized interactions. Each patient’s query is met with a tailored response that reflects their dental office’s unique policies and procedures, ensuring that their specific concerns are addressed not only quickly but also accurately. In a world where 64% of consumers expect real-time assistance, per a Salesforce report, KRISS.AI delivers. The chatbot’s 24/7 real-time assistance improves informed consent practices, builds patient confidence in their dental office, and may also lead to improved case acceptance by providing accurate knowledge and easy-to-understand information about treatments and procedures.

Testimonials from early adopters praise KRISS.AI for reducing redundancies in their office work and allowing staff to focus on in-office patient care. KRISS.AI handles routine patient inquiries, which means office staff spend less time on the phone and email answering common questions about treatments, office hours, and insurance coverage. This allows staff to focus on providing a more personalized service to patients who are in the office. KRISS.AI can also make repetitive, time-consuming tasks like finding ADA codes or writing insurance narratives more efficient for office personnel.

By handling standard patient queries, KRISS.AI also allows dentists to focus on more complex cases and practice enhancement. KRISS.AI facilitates efficient evidence-based clinical decisions by providing dentists with immediate answers on procedures, technologies, pharmaceutical calculations, and the most up-to-date developments and standards in the dental industry. The chatbot also makes a dentist’s time more efficient by reducing redundancies in their work, like writing clinical notes after a patient visit. KRISS.AI can also provide valuable insights and recommendations based on patient interactions, which can help a dentist to better understand common concerns, improve their services, and expand their business.

KRISS.AI’s CEO Regan O’Donnell elaborates on this revolutionary AI chatbot by sharing that, “KRISS.AI can answer questions around the clock for dentists, patients, and staff. From writing insurance narratives to calculating the dosage of local anesthetic, and answering late night patient concerns, it is truly transforming dentistry one conversation at a time.”

KRISS.AI is now launching its services across the United States.

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