KöR Whitening Results in Half the Time with Lower Cost



Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (February 24, 2011) – Evolve® Dental Technologies, Inc., an innovative research, development, and dental product sales company, recently announced its most recent research and development resulting in a reduction of in-office whitening time by 50% and significantly lower cost to dental offices, yet providing the same intense whitening results.  These new advances are made possible by the introduction of Evolve’s new Dual Accelerated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide® Peroxide technology.

“The KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System is the first teeth whitening system to utilize a tri-barrel design that keeps the whitening gel chemistry separated into three barrels,” explained Evolve Dental Technologies founder and chief whitening researcher, Dr. Rod Kurthy.  “The innovative new tri-barrel system has enabled the creation of our new Hydremide Peroxide formulation, resulting in the ability to achieve desirable chemical and physical properties of whitening gels never before accomplished.  The increased effectiveness has allowed Evolve to cut in-office whitening time in half by eliminating one of the two in-office whitening visits, thereby reducing the amount of whitening gel necessary and providing a reduction of cost.”

Evolve Dental Technologies is the first company to refrigerate a full line of whitening products from the instant of manufacture until received by dental offices.  This, in addition to the new Dual Accelerated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide technology, is responsible for the ability to provide fully water-based gels with a neutral pH, yet still provide a long shelf life and assurance of receiving whitening gels at 100% potency.

Benefits resulting from constant refrigeration and the new Hydremide System include:

  • Whitening gels with an extremely low surface tension without running off the teeth.  The low surface tension results in greatly improved absorption of whitening factors into the microstructure of teeth.
  • The addition of a buffering system. All hydrogen peroxide-based gels generate acid as they release the whitening factors that whiten teeth.  This can result in an acidic level as low as pH3.  Acidity increases sensitivity and slows the whitening process.  Addition of a buffering system results in the maintenance of normal pH, greatly lowering sensitivity and maintaining rapid production of bleaching factors throughout the application time.
  • Two distinctly different chemical accelerators.  These increase the ability to force the generation of effective whitening ions and radicals instead of simply water and molecular oxygen.
  • The ability to provide fully aqueous and neutral pH gels.  This results in an osmolarity as low as 1/11th that of ordinary gels that may have an anhydrous base with acidifiers added (necessary to extend shelf life when refrigeration is not utilized).  The lower osmolarity results in much less osmotic force on dentinal tubular fluid, greatly decreasing sensitivity experienced during whitening procedures.
  • An 18-24 month shelf life, yet still providing extremely unstable whitening gels. Unstable gels release whitening factors rapidly and effectively when placed in the patient’s mouth.

Peroxidase antioxidant is found in both saliva and sulcular fluid, and will destroy peroxide gel on contact.  Critical to the KöR Whitening system is the unique fabrication of KöR-Seal Deep Bleaching Trays. The fabrication may be performed by dental office staff or by the KöR Laboratory.  KöR-Seal Trays provide a “seal” at the cervical 1 – 1.25mm of the teeth, effectively sealing whitening gel in the trays, and sealing damaging saliva and sulcular fluid out.

Salivary and sulcular fluid peroxidase is so destructive, it is capable of destroying peroxide within ordinary bleaching trays in minutes, resulting in only 25-35 minutes of active whitening.  The combination of slow-release KöR Whitening at-home gels and KöR-Seal Deep Bleaching Trays enables a full 6+ hours of whitening activity.

Evolve® offers whitening systems for every situation and type of patient, from average patients to geriatric patients and even tetracycline-stained patients.  KöR Whitening systems include:

  • Max – the most popular KöR Whitening system. This system is the most effective and predictable for all average patients.  Protocol is two weeks of at-home whitening with 16% carbamide peroxide and daily desensitizer application, followed by one in-office whitening visit with 34% Hydremide® Peroxide. Use of retractors and paint-on gingival barrier (provided in the kit) are utilized during the in-office whitening visit.
  • Standard – effective and predictable for dental practices that prefer not to use retraction or paint-on gingival barriers.  Protocol is two weeks of at-home whitening with 16% carbamide peroxide and daily desensitizer application, followed by one in-office whitening visit with 13% Hydremide Peroxide.  Neither retractors nor paint-on gingival barrier are necessary during in-office whitening.
  • Max Ultra – used only for rare difficult cases such as tetracycline stains, fluorosis, and geriatric patients.  Protocol is an in-office whitening visit with 13% Hydremide® Peroxide, followed by at-home whitening with 16% carbamide peroxide and daily desensitizer application, and then a second in-office whitening visit with 34% Hydremide® Peroxide.
  • KöR-Night – effective whitening for patients or practices that prefer at-home whitening with no in-office whitening.  Protocol is wearing KöR-Seal Trays with slow release 16% carbamide peroxide and daily desensitizer application for two weeks at night.
  • KöR-Day – effective whitening for patients or practices that prefer daytime at-home whitening with no in-office whitening.  Protocol is wearing KöR-Seal Trays for one or two 45-minute sessions per day with rapid, aggressive-release 9% hydrogen peroxide and daily desensitizer application.


Evolve Dental Technologies offers deeply discounted start-up kits that include everything a dental office needs to start the KöR system. Included in the kits are all training (manual and DVD), a patient-presentation photo album, all impression materials for multiple patients, in-office desensitizer, marketing kit, dental office listed on patient referral section of www.KORwhitening.com; as well as all whitening products, at-home maintenance kits, and free KöR-Lab-fabricated KöR-Seal Trays for two patients.

Evolve Dental Technologies is the first and only whitening company to provide a full satisfaction guarantee of their whitening systems.  When start-up kits are purchased, after two patients are treated following the details taught in the KöR Whitening Training Manual, if the dentist does not agree that the results achieved are the best ever seen, Evolve will refund the entire cost of the start-up kit.

For more information on all KöR® Whitening Systems, please call (866) 763-7753, or log onto www.EvolveDental.com.

About Dr. Rod Kurthy

Rodger “Rod” Kurthy, DMD practices in Mission Viejo, California.  He completed a general practice residency at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, and has been involved in numerous areas of clinical research for more than three decades.  His first participation in teeth whitening research was in 1977.

Dr. Kurthy is the recipient of many honors and awards, and in March 2005, he was selected as the most respected member of DentalTown.com by over 60,000 of his peers.  He is an international lecturer and author of five clinical and dental marketing books.  He has authored numerous articles in, and is frequently interviewed by, dental journals and consumer magazines, and he has been featured six times on national tape interview series.

Rod has been perfecting what has become the KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System for the past 12 years and is widely recognized as a whitening science expert.  Thousands of dentists worldwide have studied his system and use his products with great success.  Evolve Dental Technologies, Inc. is the company that Dr. Kurthy founded, providing whitening products that are refrigerated from the instant of manufacture until received by the dental practice. 

For more information please call (866) 763-7753 or log onto www.EvolveDental.com.