Kleer Partners with Overjet

kleer, overjet


Overjet announced a partnership with Kleer, the nation’s premier dental membership platform. Through this collaboration, Kleer customers enjoy access to Overjet’s innovative artificial intelligence technology to analyze X-rays and provide clinical insights.

kleer, overjet

Since 2018, Kleer has provided dental practices and DSOs with a unique software solution that enables them to offer subscription-based dental membership plans directly to patients and employers. Practices are fully in control, setting the subscription price, fee schedule, and treatment protocols.

The platform helps practices reduce dependence on insurance, automate day-to-day plan management, and increase patient loyalty and engagement to maximize profitability and drive long-term growth.

“Our strategic partnership program is a critical component of Kleer’s mission to liberate dental care,” said Dave Monahan, CEO and founder of Kleer. “Through our alliances with leading technology companies like Overjet, our goal is to help dental teams do their jobs better, faster, and more efficiently while improving the quality of care for patients. We’re excited to introduce Overjet’s dental AI technology to Kleer’s network of providers to help dental teams deliver best-in-class clinical care.”

Overjet’s FDA-cleared software analyzes and annotates X-rays in real-time, detecting decay, quantifying bone loss, and drawing attention to other areas of concern.

“We’ve long admired Kleer in its efforts for setting new precedents in delivering personalized care directly to patients,” said Wardah Inam, CEO and founder of Overjet. “We share Kleer’s commitment in empowering dentists and patients with advanced, customized options to improve patient access to care and treatment acceptance.”

To learn more about how dental support organizations are using Overjet’s dental AI platform to lead the change to clinically precise, efficient, and patient-centric dental care, visit www.overjet.com.

About Kleer

Powerful, automated, and data-driven, Kleer’s cloud-based software and world class support team remove all of the complexities, hassles, and costs of dealing with insurance—improving patient access to care, increasing patient visits and treatment acceptance, and providing the foundation for dental practice success.

To learn more visit kleer.com.

About Overjet

Founded by experts from MIT and Harvard School of Dentistry, Overjet develops accurate and quantified ways to detect pathologies and integrates actionable insights into workflows. Every day, private practices, dental groups and insurance companies rely on the accurate information provided by Overjet to drive care and service to patients.

Learn more at overjet.com.