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Keystone Industries has partnered with LuxCreo to certify the iLux Pro and Lux 3D+ Smart Factory 3D printers with LEAP Platform and Digital Polishing as KeyPrint Compatible. KeySplint Soft, KeySplint Hard, KeyOrtho IBT, and KeyGuide are available immediately, with additional validations coming.

keystone industries

“Labs today increasingly feel the pressure to support their customers with faster turnaround and higher quality devices,” said Ira Rosenau, president of Keystone Industries’ dental division.  “LuxCreo’s technology allows for 3D printing of nightguards and occlusal splints like our KeySplint products that have outstanding optical clarity when printed and post-cured, greatly reducing the need for post-processing and manual polishing of the devices. This saves the dental lab time and money without a reduction in part quality.”

KeySplint Soft revolutionized the digital dentistry landscape when it launched in 2019. It combines the flexibility and strength to protect against disorders like bruxism, with increased flexibility for patient comfort and added durability. Later, in 2021, KeySplint Hard completed the KeySplint family, giving dental professionals an efficient, reliable solution for rigid splints where tooth immobilization is needed. Both resins are biocompatible medical devices and are FDA 510K-Cleared, CE Marked (Class IIa), and Health Canada approved.

“We are thrilled to partner with Keystone Industries and share our findings that LuxCreo’s Lux 3D+ and iLux Pro Smart Factory Dental 3D Printers simplify digital dentistry with Keystone KeyPrint resins.” said Michael Strohecker, Chief Revenue Officer, LuxCreo. “LuxCreo is transforming direct print clear dental appliances, delivering 80% improved printed clearity and 65% labor reduction. Our partnership with Keystone Industries is an essential step in furthering the adoption of LuxCreo’s patented LEAP Platform and Digital Polishing enabled dental solutions.”

LuxCreo Smart Factory Dental 3D printer solutions are transforming direct print digital dentistry, simplifying private practices and full-scale labs production.

The iLux Pro is a desktop solution that is both compact and economical to support in-house production for dental professionals, while the Lux 3+ Dental is a powerful, freestanding machine that supports industrial-scale production. LuxCreo’s patented LEAP Platform and Digital Polishing solution deliver directly printed clear splints, night guards, and retainers that require no polishing, saving hours of post-processing labor.

About Keystone Industries

Keystone’s group of dental companies focus largely on consumable digital, laboratory, operatory and preventative products. The company is a global supplier with distribution partners in more than 70 countries. Keystone has been formulating biocompatible photopolymer resins for dental and cosmetic applications for more than 30 years and maintains FDA licensing, ISO 13485 and 22716 certifications, along with international product registrations.

Keystone has developed industry-leading products such as its innovative KeyPrint line of 3D printing resins, Diamond D high-impact denture base, and the Pro-Form line of thermoplastics, innovative and patent-protected laboratory offerings such as Enamelite ceramic spray glazes, and the award-winning Gelato prophy paste.

Keystone has spent nearly three decades formulating and producing biocompatible, cutting-edge, patented photopolymer resins for dental and cosmetic nail applications.

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About LuxCreo

LuxCreo’s mission is to simplify digital dentistry and enable more sustainable production with new additive manufacturing capabilities.

As a leader in Smart Factory Dental 3D printing solutions, LuxCreo is committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success.

Providing fully integrated solutions – Smart Factory Dental 3D printers, AI-enabled printing software, and advanced materials, LuxCreo is transforming the way businesses design and manufacture products in dental, consumer, medical, and industrial industries.

Backed by Kleiner Perkins, LuxCreo is a privately held company with headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.