Keystone Bio to Present at the Sachs 6th Annual Neuroscience Innovation Forum

Keystone Bio
keystone bio


Keystone Bio announced their participation as a keynote speaker at the Sachs 6th Annual Neuroscience Innovation Forum in San Francisco, CA.

keystone bio

Peter Nara, chief scientific officer of Keystone Bio, will deliver a keynote speech at 11:35 AM (PST) on January 8, 2023 entitled, “Virulence Factor-Releasing Porphyromonas gingivalis Driving Neurological Disease: Novel Treatment and Companion Diagnostic.”

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About Keystone Bio

The company is advancing novel therapeutics and a companion diagnostic to shut down a primary driver of systemic inflammation, the root cause of many neurodegenerative and vascular diseases affecting hundreds of millions of people. Our lead monoclonal antibody has been shown to eradicate Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg) at its source, stopping the daily flow of its highly virulent and disease-causing toxins throughout the body.

Our team of entrepreneurs and scientists, including the world’s experts in Pg, Alzheimer’s, cardio-metabolic disease, and dentistry is working to stop disease at its source.