January 2017

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Restorative Digital Dentistry, Part 2: Choosing the Right Digital Dental Strategy

Gary Kaye, DDS, shares the second of a 3-part series on restorative digital dentistry and the journey to far-reaching new paradigms of care.

Implants in the Aesthetic Zone: Clinical Guidelines

Michael Sonick, DMD; Debby Hwang, DMD; and Jay Dworkin, DMD; talk about protocols for the placement of implants in the aesthetic zone.

Achieving Natural Tissue Contours: A Predictable and Simplified Technique
Dino S. Javaheri, DDS, presents a simplified chairside technique for both temporary fabrication and impression taking.

Screw-Retained Versus Cement-Retained Restorations: Aesthetic Zone Options
Todd R. Schoenbaum, DDS, and Chandur P. K. Wadhwani, DDS, MDS, focus on the screw-retained versus cement-retained restorative option in the aesthetic zone.

Questions to Ask Prior to Root Canal Treatment

Manor Haas, DDS, discusses the criteria to consider before root canal treatments.

Aesthetics and Strength With One Restorative Material

Mike Malone, DDS, presents a case report that demonstrates the importance of choosing the right dental materials to achieve predictable results with adhesive cosmetic restorations.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Traditional Class II Restorations

David Clark, DDS, presents common challenges faced by clinicians placing Class II composite resin restorations along with solutions.

Laser Troughing to Improve Scanning and Impressions
Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS, and Tarun Agarwal, DDS, present cases that demonstrate the use of a diode laser and no-cord technique to increase impression and restorative accuracy.

Hypertension and the Dental Patient

John H. Hardeman, MD, DDS, discusses antihypertensive medications and their mechanisms of action, and management of the hypertensive patient in the dental setting. This article is peer-reviewed and available for 2 hours of CE credit.

Corporate Healthcare: Important Contracts