Introducing New AG Neovo Healthcare!

Dentistry Today


We are excited to announce our newly redesigned website. It goes live in early April and is located at the same address:

We’ve changed a lot since we founded in 2011. For these years, we’ve grown and changed our brand position from “AG Neovo Dental” to “AG Neovo Healthcare” to expand more communications and connections, and even clearly states who we are with our clients, business partners, and visitors.

This new site creates a more valuable, user-centric, and useful information source that allows users to have a comprehensive understanding of our company values and client’s benefits. With a refreshed look, improved navigation, and responsive layout design, you will find it is easier to have quick access to helpful information to what you look for across all platform and all devices.

We reorganized information into Automatic Sterilizer, Dental Handpieces, Portable Dentistry Equipment, and Healthcare Monitors categories that you can reach with one single click through our straightforward navigation.

For current clients, we improved our Online Service support with digital forms feature, making you easy to submit your request online so we can ensure your request can be in processing at the fastest pace.

Go ahead and explore it. We hope you enjoy our brand-new look and more intuitive web design!