FASTCheck15: The ONLY 15-Minute In-Office Waterline Test for Rapid, Reliable Verification of Dental Waterline Safety

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Sterisil, the leading provider of dental water safety solutions and a brand within the Solmetex family, announced the launch and immediate availability of the FASTCheck15 waterline test. Sterisil’s FASTCheck15 is designed to help dental practices simplify the challenge of ensuring safe and clean water with speed, simplicity, and comprehensive support.


“In today’s modern, fast-paced dental practices, efficiency and patient safety are of the utmost importance,” said Chanda Chatham, marketing director at Solmetex. “FASTCheck15 addresses these critical needs by delivering accurate results in just 15 minutes. This rapid turnaround enables immediate action if warranted, or to promptly resume treating patients with the confidence that their water is safe for patients.”

FASTCheck15 offers several key advantages:

  • Rapid, reliable results: FASTCheck15 delivers accurate results in just 15 minutes, unlike currently available testing methods which require mailing samples to a lab or in-office tests that can take days.
  • User-friendly: The easy-to-read test strip eliminates potential for interpretation error, with one line indicating a passed test and two lines signaling a failed result.
  • Affordable: FASTCheck15 costs about half as much as paddle tests and only a fraction compared to lab tests, effectively removing the financial barrier that prevents practices from testing regularly.
  • Comprehensive support: FASTCheck15 is backed by Sterisil’s Water Safety Team and the Solmetex My Solutions Center, providing practices with the resources they need to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Provides flexibility: Can be used any day of the week, rather than being limited to certain days of the week to get mail-in lab test results during operating hours.

FASTCheck15 is an essential component of the comprehensive Sterisil SafeWater Protocol, which seamlessly integrates with the broader Solmetex System of Solutions to provide complete dental unit waterline (DUWL) management. Together, these solutions ensure that dental practices can consistently deliver safe, compliant water to patients.

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About Sterisil

Sterisil offers a complete line of dental waterline treatment and testing products with a registered EPA quantified claim for disinfection to ≤10 CFU/mL, which is 50 times lower than the CDC and ADA 500 CFU/mL recommendation. From Citrisil tablets to the flagship Sterisil AC+ System, the company’s leading expertise in silver-based residual disinfectants helps dental practices maintain bacteria levels in their dental unit waterlines at or below regulatory compliance standards.

About Solmetex

Solmetex is dentistry’s complete provider of water solutions. The Solmetex Family of brands represents a system of solutions to manage water in, through, and out of the dental practice. Working together, these solutions maintain water quality, safety, and compliance for the dental practice.

Since 1996, Solmetex has been a trusted provider of amalgam separators, helping dental practices meet the EPA’s regulations for the safe disposal of amalgam waste. In 2022, Solmetex merged with Sterisil and DryShield to provide comprehensive water management solutions for dental practices.