Introducing Allday Dry Mouth Gel from Elevate Oral Care

Elevate Oral Care


Introducing Allday Dry Mouth Gel, the newest addition to the Elevate Oral Care patented oral moisturizing product line.

Allday Gel combats dry mouth differently than any other moisturizing mouth product. Its patented innovation uses a special mucoadhesive hydrogel that works in concert with its maximum xylitol concentration, to relieve dry mouth and help improve oral health.

Since dry mouth patients are extreme high-risk, achieving a non-acidic oral environment is crucial for disease prevention. Allday Gel is manufactured to a neutral pH of ~7.0, providing continuous buffering and protection with use throughout the day and night.

allday dry mouth gel

This new product is saturated with 44% xylitol, far more than any other dry mouth relief product. Its unique hydrogel holds more xylitol in the mouth for an extended period, prolonging the bacteriostatic benefits.

More than 25% of your patients likely suffer from dry mouth. These patients want relief from their pain and discomfort, but since their low saliva flow puts them at high-risk, they also need extra protection from caries. 

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