Inspired Hygiene Joins SmileTree to Help Fund Smiles Around the Globe



Ms. Rachel Wall of Inspired Hygiene, signed on as a Branch Office of the SmileTree to help put big smiles on little faces around the globe. Ms. Wall joins several dental practices and consultants throughout North America committed to supporting dental education and treatment projects in Guatemala, Nepal, India and Vietnam.

SmileTree clinics provide children with oral health education, an exam and treatments. Clinics are held in the same location at least every two years to ensure continuous care. In 2012 the SmileTree hopes to double the number of clinics adopted by Branch Offices. The added branch offices would enable us to deliver an additional quarter of a million dollars in equivalent care!

"We are so proud to be helping provide preventive care for these children in these underserved areas. We take for granted the concept of prevention but for these kids, it’s something they’ve had limited access to and can make a huge difference in the course of their lives" says Wall, of Inspired Hygiene.
Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow, SmileTree executive director saysWe are delighted to have Inspired Hygiene join our growing network of Branch Offices.  Their support is essential to what we do.”

Readers interested in learning more about how they can help the SmileTree or about Inspired Hygiene are invited to visit or call 877-237-7230.