Impress Opens First Location in New York City



Impress, a pioneering force in contemporary orthodontics and the leading brand of clear orthodontics in Europe, joyfully announces the eagerly awaited inauguration of its cutting-edge clinic in New York City. Situated at 9 W 19th Street, this clinic signifies a remarkable achievement as the brand’s inaugural establishment in New York and its 11th clinic within the United States. On August 24, tennis sensation Paula Badosa will join the Impress team at the grand opening, coinciding with the launch of her global partnership with this orthodontic trailblazer. Impress currently operates in excess of 160 cities across eight countries, establishing itself as one of the world’s most expansive networks of orthodontic clinics. The brand’s North American expansion encompasses several more clinic openings in the United States.


Impress has revolutionized the landscape of invisible orthodontics through its exclusive treatment paradigm, harmonizing advanced technology – encompassing CBCT X-rays, 3D scanners, patented treatment planning software, and in-house tools – with unparalleled personalized orthodontic medical care. Diverging from conventional orthodontic services, Impress integrates in-person clinic visits with virtual monitoring and appointments facilitated by its accessible mobile app, accessible seven days a week.

As a trailblazer reshaping a traditional sector, Impress leverages its proprietary technology in tandem with the application of artificial intelligence, empowering its medical team to render more precise diagnoses and to conceive notably efficacious treatment strategies. Impress’s AI technology amalgamates existing tooth and root positions to project movements within the bone, engendering swifter, superior, and more foreseeable orthodontic treatment outcomes. The system of removable aligners encompasses an array of transparent splints designed to apply gradual pressure on the teeth, propelling them toward the ultimate goal. Impress caters to virtually any orthodontic case, with the average treatment duration for invisible aligners ranging from 6 to 12 months—a mere fraction of the time required for traditional braces.

“As a leader in modern orthodontics, we are thrilled to extend our services to New York, a vibrant and diverse community that mirrors our commitment to excellence and innovation,” said Dr. Kjeld Aamodt, co-founder and chief orthodontist at Impress. “Our mission is to provide a personalized and transformative orthodontics experience, delivering outstanding results that positively impact our patients’ lives. We look forward to inviting New Yorkers into our beautiful new location and helping them achieve confident and healthy smiles.”

During their complimentary consultation in New York, Impress patients will have the opportunity to meet with a licensed expert doctor who will conduct a comprehensive oral health check-up before commencing any treatment. Subsequently, Impress experts directly design each patient’s aligners using advanced 360º X-rays and 3D intraoral scans, thereby formulating a swift and effective treatment strategy. The Impress app extends round-the-clock access to the experienced medical team for patients, enabling them to address any concerns and receive consultations between in-person clinic visits.

This seamless accessibility ensures minimal disruption to their daily routines. Patients also benefit from access to Impress’ expansive global clinic network, spanning Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco in the U.S., and over 160 cities across the UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Ukraine, and Germany.

By amalgamating cutting-edge technology with world-renowned medical proficiency to streamline operations, Impress has made orthodontic treatment significantly more affordable than other providers, all the while upholding unwavering standards of patient care and results. Impress also offers adaptable payment plans and accepts FSA/HSA and insurance, encompassing out-of-network dental benefits such as Delta Dental, Guardian, Metlife, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and Principal.

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About Impress

Established in Barcelona in 2019, Impress stands as the premier clear orthodontics brand in Europe and one of the largest networks of orthodontic clinics globally. Impress has revolutionized the landscape of invisible aligners with its contemporary approach and hybrid, technology-driven orthodontic clinic model, swiftly ascending to become the preeminent brand and category leader in Europe within just three years.

With a portfolio that spans Spain, Portugal, Italy, the UK, France, Ukraine, Germany, and North America following its merger with Uniform Teeth in 2022, Impress expertly delivers medical care to over 50,000 patients worldwide and counting. Impress specializes in invisible orthodontics, uniting health and technology in a fresh philosophy. This unique concept features a specialized in-house team that harnesses top-tier medical technology to address all cases, ensuring the creation of the finest smiles.

Dedicated to streamlining the orthodontic journey for all, Impress provides personalized medical care fortified by state-of-the-art technology.

Impress boasts the industry’s highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 84 and continues to drive innovation.

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