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You can treat many clinical situations at less than half the cost with Legacy2 implants. Available in 3.7-, 4.2-, 4.7-, 5.7-, and 7.0-mm diameters with 5 lengths and 2 surface options, Legacy2 offers an incredible selection. Each implant is packaged with a cover screw, extender, and a carrier that can be used as an implant-level transfer and a titanium temporary abutment for maximum value. It features a profession-standard internal hex connection and a tapered body with spiral threads plus 3 self-tapping grooves. The body shape facilitates soft bone expansion for increased stability. Quadruple-lead microthreads at the coronal aspect of the implant help reduce stress, and—combined with double-lead spiral threads over the remainder of the implant—increase insertion speed. For more information, call (888) 649-6425 or visit