Image Orthodontics Provides Support to Smile Direct Club Patients

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Image Orthodontics recently announced its commitment to providing support and treatment options to patients affected by the closure of Smile Direct Club.

image orthodontics

The shutdown of Smile Direct Club’s operations on Sunday, December 10, 2023, has left many patients feeling frustrated and stranded by this sudden decision. Numerous patients, who were nearing the completion of their treatment, find themselves waiting for their final aligners or retainers. Meanwhile, those in the midst of treatment are concerned about the possibility of not finding a provider capable of completing their orthodontic care.

With over 20 years of experience as a leading orthodontic provider in the Bay Area, Image Orthodontics stands in solidarity with the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and the orthodontic community in expressing concern about the well-being and dental health of Smile Direct Club patients. Image Orthodontics supports the AAO’s advice to consumers, urging them to exercise caution when considering other mail-order orthodontic companies. It emphasizes the importance of undergoing an in-person examination by a licensed dental provider, along with x-rays, before commencing any orthodontic treatment to prevent irreparable harm.

To support Smile Direct Patients, who may be in treatment and have questions or require guidance, Image Orthodontics has set up a dedicated “Image Smile” email at the following address:

Image Orthodontics will also be offering Smile Direct Club patients complimentary consultations and 10% off orthodontic treatment. As a long-time provider and innovator in the clear aligner space, Image Orthodontics will be providing patients with technologically-advanced aligner treatment options to support their smile goals and lifestyle needs.

Dr. Yan Kalika, CEO and chief clinical officer, expressed empathy for Smile Direct Club patients who have been left without options to finish their orthodontic treatment.

“We are passionate about the positive impact a healthy, beautiful smile can have on a person’s life, providing the self-confidence needed to achieve their dreams,” said Dr. Kalika. “We are here to provide care and support for the Smile Direct Club patients who would like to continue their smile journey or just need to talk to someone about their orthodontics and what their treatment options might be.”

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The Image Orthodontics Team is dedicated to providing a caring and understanding atmosphere for all who visit our offices.