Identity Dental Marketing Brings Awareness to the Pitfalls of Website Builders

Identity Dental Marketing


Identity Dental Marketing maintains its position as an industry leader in dental marketing, thanks to their custom-coded websites. These sites are meticulously crafted to greatly improve SEO and organic rankings on search engines like Google.

identity dental marketing

Grace Rizza, CEO of Identity Dental Marketing.

“It’s tempting to use builders. They can produce beautiful results and slash our overhead in development fees, making them a profitable solution for an agency. We know however, that the client will be at a disadvantage when it comes to their rankings, and we’re just not willing to compromise results for short-term profitability,” said Grace Rizza, owner and CEO of Identity.

Identity not only offers custom-coded WordPress sites that load quickly and please Google but they also offer full customization of design and written content, while providing every necessary asset, including but not limited to written content and images.

With a smooth process, most websites are completed in 30 days, which is an incredible feat for a custom built, well-performing site. Most of their dental websites are ranking in the top 3 within 6 months of SEO service. Known for their transparency and consistency in driving results, Identity Dental Marketing remains a top recommended solution for digital marketing for privately owned dental practices of all specialties.

About Identity Dental Marketing

The company stands as a trusted full-service marketing agency specializing in tailor-made solutions for dental practices. Currently, dentists can take advantage of a complimentary marketing planning session at