Henry the Dentist Brings Treatment into Office Spaces

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Henry the Dentist is expanding into Manhattan with its Henry in the Boardroom model. Designed for offices in dense cities, Henry in the Boardroom creates a full-service dental pop-up that transforms any meeting room into a dental suite. 

With a full medical team on site including a dentist and hygienists, Henry in the Boardroom enables employees to use their in-network dental benefits right where they work. Services include cleanings, fillings, Invisalign, and teeth whitening.

There is no cost to bring Henry in the Boardroom on site, and services are in network with all major insurance carriers. The pop-up modules are designed to create an immersive experience and provide comfort, privacy, sterilization, and an exceptional patient experience. 

“As we continue to grow our client portfolio, it became clear that, in order to meet the needs of our clients in dense cities, we needed to expand our model beyond Henry’s mobile practice,” said Justin Joffe, founder and CEO of Henry the Dentist. 

“We’re committed to reimagining the delivery of healthcare at Henry, and this new delivery model was the obvious next step in our plan to innovate how employees access critically important healthcare services,” Joffe said.

An average of 321 million work hours are lost each year for dental care in the United States, Henry the Dentist reports, while $6 million in lost worker productivity is annually attributable to oral disease. 

Henry is designed to alleviate the inconveniences associated with healthcare accessibility by offering companies in-network and on-site dental services, which save 75% of an employee’s time compared to a standard dental appointment, the company says.

“The patient experience is core to our business,” said Alexandria Ketcheson, cofounder and chief brand officer. “Patients coming to Henry in the Boardroom receive Bose noise cancelling headphones, iPads with Netflix and HBO, and all the high-end technology features available in our mobile practices and brick-and-mortar locations.” 

Henry the Dentist currently provides on-site dental services to more than 100 companies throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and New York. It also operates a brick and mortar dental practice in New Jersey.

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