Heartland Dental Tells its Legacy Story with Upcoming Documentary Premiere

Heartland Dental
heartland dental


Heartland Dental, the nation’s leading dental support organization (DSO), has released the two-minute trailer for its upcoming documentary, entitled My Heartland.

What began as a passion project to capture Heartland Dental’s rich company history, soon turned into an inspirational film that tells the story of the true American dream.

heartland dental

The documentary follows the life and career of Heartland Dental’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Rick Workman, DMD, who grew up on a farm in downstate Illinois. Dr. Workman grew a single dental practice into a 25-office group by 1997. When he realized there had to be a better way for dentists to practice, he assembled a team that would grow to today support more than 2,600 dentists in over 1,600 dental offices across 38 states and the District of Columbia.

“Our entire ethos evolves from that intersection of the practicing dentist and their challenges, what is difficult for them and where their opportunities lie. I always viewed our mission at Heartland Dental was to help every supported doctor become as good as they could possibly be to better serve patients,” shared Workman.

My Heartland is not just Dr. Workman’s story.

It is the story of how one person impacted the dental industry and the lives of thousands of people, told through the experiences of Heartland Dental’s supported doctors, leaders, and partners.

“As a filmmaker, I’m always looking for compelling stories. My Heartland shares the story of how a man’s vision would grow to have a lasting impact on the dental industry and beyond. Dr. Workman is an innovator and disruptor. He has a great story to tell, and I knew I wanted to be the one to help tell it,” shares David Beilinson of RUMUR Inc., director and producer of the documentary.

Heartland Dental celebrated its 25th Anniversary this August, and the company’s doctor-led culture and business model continues to be a differentiator as it grows its network of supported doctors.

In the words of Dr. Workman, “If you work hard, try to do the right thing and are resilient, in America, anything is possible.”

The documentary will premiere at the company’s Winter Conference in December and public viewership information will follow. With the continued vision for Heartland Dental as strong as ever, it’s safe to assume that the company’s success will continue long after the final credits roll.

About Heartland Dental

Heartland Dental is the nation’s largest dental support organization providing non-clinical, administrative support services. What started from the entrepreneurial spirit of Rick Workman, DMD, with his single dental practice, has evolved into supporting over 2,600 dentists in over 1,600 dental offices across 38 states and the District of Columbia.

The company is majority owned by KKR, a leading global investment firm.

For additional information, please visit heartland.com.