Health Prevention Begins in the Mouth

health prevention


health prevention

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than half of noncommunicable diseases (NDCs), such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, could be prevented or delayed with a healthy lifestyle and prevention. Yet, spending on prevention and health promotion in OECD countries accounts for only about three percent of total health spending.

A question of the long term

In industrialized countries, the health economy has grown steadily in recent decades. To offset rising health care costs, many of these countries are now increasingly turning to prevention and health promotion measures. In many of these countries, however, spending on these areas is highly dependent on the economic situation.

Thus, countries with high public debt tend to cut back on prevention and health promotion. This is the wrong approach, because the prevention approach is based on the fundamental idea that health cannot be guaranteed by medical care alone.

Rather, the promotion of health must start in the everyday areas of life where people spend most of their time – for example, in schools, at work, in leisure time, etc.

Oral health on the global agenda

The World Health Assembly (WHA74) adopted a landmark resolution on oral health at its late May 2021 meeting. The resolution recognizes the global burden of oral disease and its relationship to other diseases.

It calls on member states to address common risk factors, improve the professional capacity of oral health professionals to provide consistent, high-quality care, and include oral health in general health care benefit packages. That’s the right incentive.

Prevention starts in the mouth – it’s more than just lip service.

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