Halloween, A Total Nightmare for the Toothfairy



(Charlotte, NC – October 26, 2011)   Halloween is just around the corner, and the Toothfairy’s nightmare is about to begin.  Believe it or not, Halloween is the busiest night for the Toothfairy and it marks the beginning of the Tooth season. 

“I know kids will be eating lots of candy, and I am certainly going to have my work cut out for me this year,” remarked the Toothfairy in a recent interview.   She is right.  After all, Americans consume approximately 8 billion pounds of candy on an annual basis. 

Having recently signed a deal with the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s ToothfairyÒ (NCOHF), the Toothfairy is looking forward to having some help with her other duties.  “The Toothfairy has her hands full and we are happy to join her in the fight against severe tooth decay,” stated Fern Ingber, NCOHF: America’s Toothfairy President and CEO. 
In addition to flying around the country and collecting teeth, she serves as an educator about the importance of oral health, a preventer of pediatric dental disease and a protector of our children.   

We estimate that the Toothfairy collects at least 483,405 teeth and travels at least 32,783,241 miles each night between now and Halloween.  Considering the upcoming holiday season, that isn’t likely to drop too much over the next few months.   And, then there’s the logistics…transportation, storage, coinage…how does she do it?  Superhero or not, with this increased workload, she is going to need some major assistance.  We may not be able to fly around the country, but we can definitely help. 

We all know children learn by example, so we can serve as role models by brushing, flossing and rinsing twice a day and visiting the dentist regularly.  We can also support her efforts through Trick or Treat for America’s Toothfairy.  This Halloween, rescue children from preventable pain and suffering by clicking on www.AmericasToothfairy.org, setting up your personal virtual fundraising page and encouraging your friends and family to donate to this smile-saving, child-saving cause.  So, give the Toothfairy a break – Trick or Treat for America’s Toothfairy.

About National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairyâ (NCOHF)
National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairyâ (NCOHF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, dedicated to raising awareness of the #1 chronic childhood illness: pediatric dental disease, facilitating delivery of comprehensive pediatric oral health services, and eliminating this preventable disease from
future generations. NCOHF: America’s Toothfairy draws on vast national resources to secure and distribute product and financial donations along with innovative preventive programs to a growing network of not-for-profit university and community based dental clinics, health centers, and mobile programs throughout America. For more information about NCOHF: America’s Toothfairy, please visit www.AmericasToothfairy.org.