Grin Teledental Platform Now Available in Brazil



Grin, a comprehensive digital orthodontic platform that provides remote oral healthcare solutions in partnership with trusted local doctors, announced that their full system is now available to local dental professionals across Brazil. The Grin experience consists of the Grin App, Grin Scope, and Grin Scope mini, which are FDA-listed medical devices now also listed through The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa). Together, under the supervision of partner doctors, Grin provides a suite of capabilities—including Grin Remote Monitoring—for teeth-straightening and oral care needs. Tens of thousands of patients are using Grin at hundreds of dental practices.


According to the Federal Council of Dentistry, the market in Brazil has over 380,000 dentists, out of which 30,000 are orthodontist specialists. Brazil has the world’s largest number of dentists, equivalent to almost 20% worldwide. Brazilian doctors and their patients have been waiting for the right technology to enable a scaleable form of remote care and patient management—and the wait is now over.

Bringing Grin to the market in Brazil gives dental care professionals an opportunity to begin harnessing powerful patient and clinical data while driving quality care by making it more accessible, reaching remote communities, and encouraging people to take control of their oral health. The country’s Federal Council of Medicine has proposed new telemedicine regulations encouraging it, putting it in even higher demand with the dental community. Grin will meet this demand and enable thousands of dental professionals to offer their patients the best remote care experience through one platform safely and efficiently.

“The opportunity to enter the market in Brazil is a game changer for us. We now can officially collaborate with some of the most forward-thinking doctors in South America who are eager and ready to influence the future of orthodontics and oral care on a larger scale,” said Adam Schulhof, Grin CEO. “The demand in Brazil has been something we’ve seen for the last two years, and it continues to grow daily. This new market distribution will allow us to continue democratizing care and change the lives of clinicians and patients across the region.”

“I believe Grin will bring me even closer and help me deliver a higher quality of care to my patients from the comfort of wherever they are,” said Dr. Diana Fernandes, an early adopter doctor in Sao Paulo, Brazil. “The level of intraoral visibility that the Grin scans provide has allowed me to see the progression of my patient’s treatment in a way I never thought was possible. She continued, “All communication and patient management in a single platform helps my team, and I stay organized and saves us so much time—ultimately allowing us more freedom outside the office.”

“Technology has been my ally for many years, especially in diagnosis and treatment planning,” said Dr. Luiza Magalhães, another early adopter in Recife, Brazil. “With the arrival of Grin in Brazil, reducing the demand for face-to-face consultations, I don’t need to expand my office by adding more dental chairs or support professionals. Virtual treatment management optimizes the clinic’s day-to-day life and makes room to meet greater patient demands.”

About Grin

The company is a comprehensive digital platform that provides solutions for all oral health needs. The company’s App and Grin Scope connect patients to real doctors in their community. Patients can access quality professional care from the convenience of their smart device. Doctors can remotely monitor patients via virtual check-ins for complete visibility—reducing chair time, increasing patient volume, and ensuring safety.

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