Getting to the Root of Dental Implants



New York Dentist Dr. Michael Tischler is One of the First in the U.S. to Introduce thePrettau Zirconia Implant Bridge to Patients, Most Innovative Dental Implant Protocol Available Today

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), statistics show that 69% of adults ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth to an accident, gum disease, a failed root canal or tooth decay. Furthermore, by age 74, 26% of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth.

How Edentulism (aka Missing Teeth) Affects Mental & Physical Health
A healthy body starts with a healthy mouth. Teeth are necessary not only for chewing function but for your overall oral health as well, including the health of your gums and jaw bone. When missing teeth are not replaced, several problems can occur. “Missing teeth should be replaced for many reasons,” says Dr. Michael Tischler, listed as one of America’s Top Dentists by the Consumer Research Council and co-founder of Tischler Dental in Woodstock, New York. “Remaining teeth can actually shift and drift into the open space, which can ultimately affect your bite. In addition, bone loss may occur in the supporting jaw bone making it more difficult to eat and chew food.” Chewing food is the beginning of the digestive process. Missing teeth can affect the body if it is severe enough that it interferes with nutrition. Dr. Tischler continues, “If you lose a tooth, then you can’t chew the food properly before swallowing, the stomach and intestines will work harder to absorb nutrients. That means you absorb fewer nutrients and are less healthy.”

Studies have also shown that missing teeth lead to depression and self-consciousness. Missing teeth may make one feel embarrassed to do normal, everyday actions like laughing or talking – afraid to reveal the gaps and holes. Also, those with missing teeth may have noticed how it severely ages the face. Teeth support the mouth, cheeks and jaws. When we have significant tooth loss, the face sinks in, and the jaws droop prematurely. This results in the laugh lines looking deeper as well as the creases around the lips. “I have patients that have said they have missed out on job interviews and promotions because of missing teeth,” says Dr. Tischler.

Tooth decay and periodontal disease may also occur in new hard-to-reach places created by shifting teeth that are harboring harmful plaque and tartar.

Dental Implants: A Solution of Choice for Replacing Missing Teeth
Once teeth are missing, the facial structure begins to change and the thought of facial cosmetic surgery becomes the initial option. Today there is another alternative for patients who are missing permanent teeth. Rather than resting on the gum line like removable dentures, or using adjacent teeth as anchors like fixed bridges, dental implants are long-term replacements that your dentist surgically places in the jawbone. The placement of an implant will prevent movement as well as continue to stimulate the bone, especially if a tooth has been missing for a period of time. Composed of titanium metal, dental implants never slip or make embarrassing noises that advertise the fact that you have “false teeth,” and never decay like teeth anchoring fixed bridges. Because dental implants fuse with the jawbone, bone loss is generally not a problem.

What is the Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge?
Dental implants have changed the face of dentistry over the last 25 years. In the past, traditional dental implants, while a decent solution, have often been a difficult process for patients due to older technologies and procedures that made implants time intensive, costly and often a painful experience.

Tischler Dental and Tischler Dental Laboratoryis the first CAD CAM lab/dental office in New York to offer the Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge. At Tischler Dental, they have a unique dedicated team of doctors and a state-of-the-art laboratory to deliver the Prettau Implant Protocol.

The Prettau Bridge dental protocol for dental implant systems is unique and involves computer generated CAD CAM designing and milling of the actual bridge out of zirconia, the hardest dental material available. The temporary screw retained bridge is also milled and designed CAD CAM out of a specific plastic from Zirkonzahn. This unique dental step is integral to the Prettau protocol and sets this apart from every other technique available. Special stains made for the Prettau zirconia are also used as part of this dental implant protocol. This dental implant protocol from Zirkonzahn is time tested and unique.

“In 25 years of practicing dentistry, I have never seen a stronger more esthetic dental tooth replacement alternative than the Prettau Implant Bridge. With no acrylic to chip or stain, this is the future of dentistry,” adds Dr. Tischler.

Zirconia: The Future of Tooth Replacement
Zircon is a mineral belonging to the mineral class of Silicates, discovered in 1789 by M.H. Klaproth. Zirconium dioxide is a compound of the element zirconium occurring in nature and has already been used for 10-15 years in prosthetic dentistry due mainly to its high bending strength. Why Zirconia? Zirconia has a high resistance and is fully biocompatible. It is increasingly used in dentistry (posts, crowns, bridges and implants). The white basic color of Zirconia. The possibility in dentin colors. Its biotechnological characteristics enable the production of biocompatible, high-quality and esthetic dental and implant reconstructions. Sintered Prettau Zirconia displays incredible density and smoothness. Therefore the material does not cause any wear on natural dentition. By contrast veneer porcelain (or even metal) will cause wear on natural dentition due to its highly porous structure which acts like sandpaper. Another previous alternative was acrylic, but over time acrylic chips, wears, and stains. The Prettau Zirconia has none of these potential pitfalls.

Oral Health and Older Adults
People are living longer and healthier lives. And, older adults also are more likely to keep their teeth for a lifetime than they were a decade ago. More and more older people are selecting dental implants over dentures as a replacement option for lost teeth. Whether you have lost one or all of your teeth, dental implants allow you to have teeth that look and feel just like your own. Dental implants such as the Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridgeare intimately connected with the gum tissues and underlying bone in the mouth. Therefore, they prevent the bone loss and gum recession that often accompanies dentures and preserve the integrity of facial features. When teeth are missing, the bone which previously supported these teeth begins to deteriorate. This can result in dramatic changes in your appearance, such as increased wrinkles around the mouth and lips that cave in and lose their natural shape.
“Missing teeth can be a negative influence not only on oral health but on one’s way of life,” says Dr. Tischler. “Replacing missing teeth with the Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridgecan dramatically improve your smile and the shape of your face. This greatly enhances both your dental health and self-esteem.”

About Tischler Dental
Since 1971, Tischler Dental has been located in Woodstock, New York. To better fulfill our practice philosophy, we opened a new 10,000 square foot dental treatment center situated on nine scenic acres in the Hudson Valley with views of the majestic Catskill Mountains. Our state-of-the-art facility has 12 dental treatment rooms, each with large windows to capture our beautiful surroundings. Included in these treatment rooms is a surgical suite consisting of two surgical areas that will allow dental implant, bone grafting, periodontal surgery, sedation, and other surgical procedures to be performed in a separate area. We have one of the only dedicated implant surgical suites with its own CT machine in the Hudson Valley. This is the commitment Michael has to implant dentistry. Our dental practice serves Ulster County, Dutchess County, and the greater Hudson Valley area.

About Michael Tischler, DDS
Michael Tischler, DDS and Maurice Tischler, DDS have been listed as one of America’s Top Dentists by the Consumer Research Council. This accomplishment is based on their experience, training and membership in professional organizations.Dr. Michael Tischler is an internationally recognized leader in the dental field for his achievements in educating his colleagues through many lectures and over 30 published articles on the topic of dental implants and bone grafting and cosmetic dentistry. Reconstruction of his patient’s mouth and tooth replacement with dental implants. Dental Implants and cosmetics are Michael’s true passion. He is appreciative that he can provide this service to his patients and that he truly enjoys planning and performing these miracles of dentistry. He has placed and restored thousands of dental implants with the highest success rate and has received numerous awards for his skill as an implant and cosmetic dentist.
Michael received a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the Georgetown University School of Dentistry in Washington, D.C., before joining Tischler Dental in 1989. Dr. Tischler brings dental implant, bone grafting and gum surgery experience to the dental practice, in addition to prosthetic and cosmetic makeover dental procedures. Dr. Tischler lectures throughout the country to his colleagues and has had many articles published on the principles of implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and bone grafting in major dental journals. He is listed as a dental expert on Dental XP, the internationally recognized leading website for online education. As one of the nation’s leading implant and cosmetic dentists, his lecture schedule is vigorous. Dr. Tischler has been listed by “Dentistry Today,” the nation’s leading clinical news magazines for dentists, as a leader in continuing education since 2003 and is also on The CE Editorial Board for this widely read dental journal. He is also on the Editorial Advisory Board for The Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry. Dr. Tischler is also The Former Director of Implant Education for DaVinci Dental Studios in West Hills, CA. DaVinci is one of the most renowned dental labs in the country. Michael was also previously the Director Of Implant Education for the prestigious Nash Institute in Charlotte NC. Michael has been faculty for the UMDNJ Jersey Dental School AAID Maxi Course.