Georgia Dental Association Partners with Bento to Modernize Dental Benefits

georgia dental association


Bento, on a mission to transform the outdated traditional dental insurance industry, is proud to announce it has received an exclusive endorsement from the Georgia Dental Association.

georgia dental association

The GDA joins the American Dental Association and other state and local associations endorsing Bento as an alternative to traditional dental plans for employers, groups, associations, dentists, and individuals.

With this partnership, the GDA will help introduce Bento’s innovative and easy-to-use technology platform to its 3500+ member dentists located throughout Georgia, and join a rapidly growing number of dental providers nationwide offering solutions powered by Bento.

“We are pleased to partner with Bento to give GDA members and their patients a modern alternative to traditional dental benefits,” said GDA President Dr. Louvenia A. Rainge. “Bento’s platform aims to reduce the workload in dental benefit administration while offering the flexibility of customizable patient membership plans for dentists.” GDA Executive Director, Frank J. Capaldo, adds, “Offering innovative solutions to our members is critical in ensuring the dentists of Georgia can continue to provide high-quality dental care to patients from all socioeconomic backgrounds.”

Traditional dental insurance has not seen innovation since the 1950s and has become a source of frustration for patients, employers, and dentists. Bento’s end-to-end solution and HIPAA-compliant platform alleviates the need for groups and individuals to contract with insurance companies resulting in a seamless and transparent experience with direct payments from the source to the provider.

Bento’s platform enables dental practices to offer customizable in-office patient membership plans – greatly increasing the number of options for individuals without a dental benefit. Bento’s expert team works with dentists to create optimal patient membership plans, provides tools and free customizable marketing materials for seamless implementation.

“Traditional dental insurance has continued to cause confusion and frustration for dentists and patients for decades. With the GDA’s help, we’re excited to educate dentists, businesses, and individuals on the benefits of using Bento’s platform to upgrade their dental benefits and improve access to oral care across Georgia,” says Ram Sudireddy, founder and CEO of Bento.


Bento is on a mission to provide the transparency, access, flexibility, and clarity that Americans deserve with their dental care.

The company has received recognition across the dental industry earning endorsements from the American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association, Georgia Dental Association, Tennessee Dental Association, and Texas Dental Association among others.

Based out of Boston, MA and with offices in Miami, FL; Bento has established a large and rapidly developing number of dental providers in the US with over 360,000 access points nationwide and empowers employers, groups, and dentists around the country to offer better dental solutions to their employees and patients.

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FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.