GentleWave Procedure: The Next Big Revolution in Root Canal Treatment

Dentistry Today


International lecturer and founder of the Horizon Dental Institute, Thomas V. McClammy, DMD, MS, explains to Dentistry Today why Sonendo’s GentleWave Procedure is the next big technological advancement that will revolutionize endodontics and how root canal treatments are performed. Dr. McClammy talks about his experiences using the GentleWave Procedure and predicts that it may meet with initial resistance within the field of endodontics, but the profession will eventually accept that this new technology delivers cleaner root canals and is more comfortable for the patient, thereby becoming the next evolution in root canal treatment. For more info on the GentleWave Procedure, visit For upcoming continuing education courses on the GentleWave Procedure, visit Visit Dentistry Today, the nations’ leading clinical news magazine for dentists at

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