General Dentists and Specialists Crack the Top 10 in Salary Survey

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General dentists have the sixth highest median salary and specialty dentists have the seventh highest median salary for workers with a graduate degree, according to a recent study by AdvisorSmith. In fact, the company said, more than half of the top 25 highest paying jobs it studied were graduate degree holders in healthcare professions.

General dentists enjoy an annual median salary of $155,600, AdvisorSmith said, with 110,730 total jobs in the United States. Specialty dentists see an annual median salary of $147,220, with 5,330 total jobs. Also, 100% of general dentists and specialty dentists have a graduate or professional degree.

Overall, AdvisorSmith said, approximately 13% of American adults age 25 and older hold a graduate, professional, or doctoral degree. The median annual salary for all workers with a master’s degree was $77,844, while professional degree holders earned $96,772, and doctoral degree holders earned $97,916.

In its poll, the company determined which jobs required a graduate, professional, or doctoral degree by examining the percentage of workers in the field who hold a graduate degree of any kind. It then selected fields where more than 40% of workers hold a graduate, doctoral, or professional degree and examined their data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The top 10 fields also included:

  • Specialist physicians: $206,500 annual median salary
  • Family medicine physicians: $205,590 annual median salary
  • Internal medicine physicians: $201,590 annual median salary
  • Pediatricians: $175,310 annual median salary
  • Nurse anesthetists: $174,790 annual median salary
  • Judges: $136,910 annual median salary
  • Natural sciences managers: $129,100 annual median salary
  • Pharmacists: $128,090 annual median salary

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