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The all-new FujiCEM 2 Automix offers the same glass ionomer cement advantages as the original GC FujiCEM but with even better physical properties and usability. Following 10 years of clinical success with GC FujiCEM, this next-generation, resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement, powered by F2 Flex Fuse Technology, incorporates new, high-elastic crosslinking monomers with a modified filler surface treatment to increase strength properties all around. With F2 Flex Fuse Technology, GC FujiCEM 2 Automix improves indirect restorations with increased strength, high fluoride release, low film thickness, and excellent marginal integrity. The automix paste pak dispensing system ensures a consistent mix every time, allowing you to place every restoration with the confidence that it will last. Fast, easy to use, and stronger than ever, GC FujiCEM 2 is the ideal luting cement for your indirect restorations. For more information, call (800) 323-7063 or visit the Web site gcamerica.com.