flexTAP Available Through Airway Management Partner Dental Labs in Early 2023

Airway Management, Inc.


Airway Management (AMI) is excited to announce flexTAP, a premium lab-made oral appliance treating snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, will be available through partner dental labs. Reacting to growing demand and interest in the product following its initial launch in fall 2022, AMI is working with nearly 100 partner labs for an early 2023 launch.


flexTAP Available Through Airway Management Partner Dental Labs in Early 2023

The launch of flexTAP through its dental labs will streamline the process to deliver the custom oral appliance to dentists and consumers around the world. flexTAP’s customizable design and adaptable technology, which utilizes Vertex Technology paired with the flexTAP Mouth Shield comfort accessory, also eliminates barriers for labs to efficiently create the product and for clinicians to timely treat patients.

“We’re pleased to continue our partnership with Airway Management and add the new flexTAP to our family of sleep appliances,” said Itzel Armenta, preventive care manager at Glidewell. “At Glidewell, we strive to make sleep therapy more accessible to dentists and their patients. flexTAP’s customizable design and unique technologies is a product that supports that goal.”

Bill Gertner, vice president of Great Lakes Dental Technologies, added: “As a proud, long-time partner with Airway Management we are excited to be providing the new flexTAP appliance to our practices, and we look forward to helping more patients get healthier every day through our partnership.”

flexTAP is PDAC pending, but on track to receive final approval in the beginning of the new year.

Dental labs interested in carrying flexTAP can apply through the Airway Management website: tapintosleep.com/get-started.

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Airway Management is the manufacturer of the most independently studied oral appliance in the world, offering products that improve the health and quality of life for people who suffer from sleep-disordered breathing. Airway Management is committed to supporting the clinician, health care professional and laboratory technician with high quality, minimally invasive therapy for snoring and sleep apnea.

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