Expanded Shades, Exceptional Versatility from Protemp Plus Temporization Material



ST. PAUL, Minn. – (March 1, 2011) – In April 2011, 3M ESPE will introduce broader and optimized shade offerings of Protemp™ Plus Temporization Material in response to the needs of dental professionals. Six different shades will be available, including an A3.5 shade added to fulfill the users’ desires for a darker option. Moreover, the existing bleach shade will offer enhanced translucency for more lifelike temporary restorations compared to its predecessor. The new shades will offer a matching color for virtually any situation, providing users with  more options to produce esthetic and durable provisionals. In addition to its natural gloss, high strength and easy handling, the greater choice of shades provides another reason to choose Protemp Plus temporization material.

Since its launch in late 2008, Protemp Plus has made its mark as an innovative material for temporary, as well as long-term provisionals. The bis-acrylic material, which has received high ratings from independent testing institutes, is based on a new generation of fillers incorporating nanotechnology. It demonstrates high mechanical and compressive strength as well as outstanding fracture resistance. Due to these properties, the material is suited for virtually every indication, including long-term temporization and use on implant abutments.

Not only is Protemp Plus the strongest material on the market, but it also provides optimal esthetics. Protemp Plus offers a small particle size, which allows a smoother surface of the temporary restoration as compared to other materials. This natural gloss is also preserved over time and the shiny appearance can be obtained without polishing or glazing. Additionally, the inhibition layer can be easily removed with ethanol.

The expansion and optimization of shade offerings lends additional versatility to this already trusted material. By choosing Protemp Plus, dentists can be confident in consistently creating esthetic and durable temporary restorations that will meet the needs of any case.