evowera Receives American Dental Association Certificate for planck O1 Electric Toothbrush



evowera, an up-and-coming technology firm in China that focuses on the consumer electronics industry, has received the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance for its planck O1 adaptive sonic electric toothbrush (planck O1).


The ADA is the largest dental association in the U.S., representing 161,000 dental professionals. As the premier source of oral health information, the ADA has promoted the art and science of dentistry since 1859, advocating for the dental health of the public ever since.

The ADA Seal of Acceptance has been the leading mark of dental product safety and efficacy for 90 years, providing a valuable and respected guide on consumer dental care products.

Being certified by ADA represents evowera’s strict standards and its unwavering pursuit in consummate dental product development, and casts a light on the high quality and strong competitiveness of planck O1 as an innovative and market-disrupting dental care product.

evowera was founded by four engineers – with backgrounds working in China’s most reputable drone company – in 2017 with the goal of developing high-performance consumer electronics.


The planck O1 is the brand’s first product and it has received great attention from professionals and consumers since it first launched in the end of  2020. The planck O1 can deliver a powerful brushing performance with an output of 42,000 strokes per minute at only 42dB(A).

Thanks to hypermag, an industrial-level servo motor with noise-reduction technology that was fully developed by evowera Labs, it allows users to enjoy an ultimate teeth-cleaning activity with an unprecedented comfortable experience.

This type of motor has been applied in medical services, robotics and aeronautics, but this marks the first time that a company has successfully applied an industrial motor to an electric toothbrush.

With evowera’s advanced smart technology, the planck O1 is well known for its proprietary adaptive mode, which can create an exclusive personalized profile by analyzing users’ cleaning targets based on their daily brushing behavior, habits and other related inputs, ultimately forming a setting that perfectly suits each individual user and ensuring great cleaning results. The built-in display provides a post-brush report that includes blind zones, pressure and duration as well as useful information such as brush head degradation and battery life.

As the second product in the planck series, the evowera planck mini smart manual toothbrush (planck mini) was recently launched in China and it covers the full spectrum of different ages including children, adults and the elderly.

Featuring a smart sensor and iconic screen, planck mini enables manual toothbrush users to understand their brushing performance as well. In addition, it helps parents observe their children’s teeth-cleaning results and offer effective guidance no matter at home or remotely.

The planck mini will be available soon on Amazon.com.


“We want to help users improve their brushing efficiency and quality by providing more intuitive options. Our team has devoted itself to the oral hygiene industry for five years now, tirelessly concentrating on pushing the limits of technology in this field. Through increased technological breakthroughs, we believe we can offer more advanced oral products to consumers moving forward, allowing them to enjoy the ultimate dental experience in their own homes,” said by Yihan liu, the CEO of evowera. “We believe small improvements enable people to live more intelligent lives.”

Moving forward, evowera will continue to bring more high-quality dental products and other smart electric appliances to provide technology-driven solutions for customers.

About evowera

evowera, part of Shenzhen EVOWERA Technology Co.,Ltd, was founded in 2017 with a goal of developing high performance consumer electronics. The brand name “evowera” originates from “evolutionary eras we implement”.

As alumni of DJI – the world’s pioneer drone company – the founding team’s motivation to create evowera came from the inspiration of integrating advanced propulsion systems with consumer electronic products, and the desire to bring unprecedented product experiences to customers through countless iterations of fundamental technologies with the endless pursuit of quality. evowera believes even a small improvement in product performance could revive traditional products in a whole new light.