Europe’s Largest OEM Clear Aligner Manufacturer is now in the USA

K Line Europe
K Line Europe,


K Line Europe, the leading OEM Clear Aligners manufacturer in Europe, has recently received FDA registration to introduce its highly popular K Clear Aligners in the United States. K Line takes pride in its best-in-class refinement rate of only 15.8%, providing practitioners with more predictable case outcomes, greater patient satisfaction, and increased productivity by minimizing the need for reworking existing cases compared to competitors with higher refinement rates.

K Line Europe, OEM Clear Aligners

The industry-leading 15.8% refinement rate is achieved through K Line Europe’s unique process, involving an expert team of Orthodontists and Dentists rather than relying on AI software programs or lab technicians. Operating from its advanced facility in Germany, K Line manufactures 7,000 aligners daily to precise specifications. The aligners, made from K Line’s proprietary K Flex, a multi-layered material, offer enhanced patient comfort, durability, and predictable movement.

K Line’s submission portal is free of charge, with no monthly fees, and is compatible with all 3D IO Scanners, generating a universal STL file. Aligners are manufactured within 3-5 days after case submission and are then shipped overnight to the newly opened distribution center in Florida. From there, they are boxed and shipped to the clinic at no extra cost. The entire process typically takes only 14-16 days on average.

K Line products will soon be accessible through most full-service dental dealers. Additionally, K Line provides private label opportunities to Dealers, Groups, and DSOs. For more information, contact your authorized K Line dealer or visit our website at