Essential Dental Systems



The SafeSiders endodontic instruments, combined with the Endo-Express handpiece, eliminate the fear of fracture associated with crown-down systems and the typical shortcomings of the step-back process. Unlike rotary, this truly reciprocal system prevents binding. Excessive force is never needed. The SafeSiders are a series of patented, noncircular, noninterrupted, flat-sided endodontic instruments. The SafeSiders’ flat edge provides space for dentinal debris, resulting in fast nonbinding access to the apex. The flute design, in combination with the flat, makes the SafeSiders resilient yet flexible. You can now create superior, distortion-free endodontics—while saving money. Finally, you can replace instruments because they dull and not because you fear they will break. For more information, call (800) 22-FLEXI or visit