Envista Announces Release of 2022 Sustainability Report

Envista Holdings Corporation
envista holdings corporation


Envista Holdings Corporation announced the release of its 2022 Sustainability Report, detailing its efforts to incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into its mission to digitize, personalize, and democratize dental care. The full report can be found HERE.

envista holdings corporation

“As we approach the 5th anniversary of Envista’s operations as an independent company, we remain committed to helping dental professionals improve their patients’ lives by digitizing, personalizing, and democratizing oral care. Every day, our products and solutions are accelerating the future of dentistry,” said Amir Aghdaei, CEO of Envista. “As with all endeavors at Envista, our sustainability strategy is driven by a commitment to continuous improvement. I am proud to report that the investments we have made in our sustainability journey thus far have enabled the meaningful and positive outcomes that we are able to share in this year’s report.”

Selected Highlights from Envista’s 2022 Sustainability Report:

  • Realized a meaningful year-over-year reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1 and 2) of 20% on an absolute basis and 22% on an intensity basis.
  • Invested approximately $650,000 to support mission trips, education opportunities, and direct donations to oral health-focused non-profit organizations through the Envista Smile Project.
  • Established a cross-functional Sustainability Council tasked with identifying and acting on opportunities to improve Envista’s approach to sustainability across our value chain.
  • Continued to achieve both 99% gender pay equity and 99% ethnic pay equity in the U.S.
  • Delivered attractive improvements in employee health and safety outcomes through continued investment in our EHS systems.

Mr. Aghdaei continued, “Mitigating our environmental footprint, fostering a culture that is equitable, diverse, and fair, and ensuring good governance and oversight are not only critical to Envista’s commitment to responsible corporate citizenship—they are also critical to our long-term success. As such, while I am pleased to share our progress this year, I am even more motivated by the progress we will make together in the years to come.”

The 2022 Sustainability Report provides both Envista’s sustainability-related performance to date and the foundation upon which Envista will continue to identify opportunities for continuous improvement across the company’s key sustainability topics.

The company welcomes all stakeholder feedback on its 2022 Sustainability Report, which can be shared via email at sustainability@envistaco.com.

About Envista Holdings Corporation

Envista is a global family of more than 30 trusted dental brands, including Nobel Biocare, Ormco, DEXIS, and Kerr united by a shared purpose: to partner with professionals to improve lives. Envista helps its customers deliver the best possible patient care through industry-leading dental consumables, solutions, technology, and services. Its comprehensive portfolio, including dental implants and treatment options, orthodontics, and digital imaging technologies, covers a wide range of dentists’ clinical needs for diagnosing, treating, and preventing dental conditions as well as improving the aesthetics of the human smile.

With a foundation comprised of the proven Envista Business System (EBS) methodology, an experienced leadership team, and a strong culture grounded in continuous improvement, commitment to innovation, and deep customer focus, Envista is well equipped to meet the end-to-end needs of dental professionals worldwide. Envista is one of the largest global dental products companies, with significant market positions in some of the most attractive segments of the dental products industry.

For more information, please visit www.envistaco.com.

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