Engage Technologies Group Selects Derek Johnson as Vice President of Engage Dental

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Engage Technologies Group, Inc. has selected Derek Johnson as Vice President of Engage Dental. Engage Dental serves general dental and dental specialty practices, dental industry manufacturers, distributors, and laboratories seeking increased patient/customer engagement, satisfaction, and revenues.

Engage Technologies Group, Inc. pioneers cloud-based, mobile engagement, nurture and content solutions, built on a frictionless, comprehensive mobile intelligent SaaS marketing platform that eliminates the friction created by requiring the download of an app, use of email, or creation of a password, or login.

“We are thrilled to have someone of Derek’s experience to help lead and accelerate our growth in the Dental industry,” said Michael Boerner, Engage’s founder and CEO. “Derek’s unique experience, both in helping dental practices succeed and in the dental supply industry, is an ideal fit for the strategic sales leader of our Dental vertical. Derek is a proven talent for helping grow revenue in the dental field.”

Mr. Johnson previously served as Branch/Regional Manager of Burkhart Dental Supply in Boise, ID.

During his time there, he played a major role in total revenue growth for the Boise market. He also served as a Partner and Co-Founder of Mountain Valley Dental Group; a dental business management company focused on helping to rejuvenate struggling dental practices.

“I’m excited to join Engage Technologies Group as Vice President of Dental. There are some incredible opportunities ahead and I believe we can see tremendous growth in the dental market,” said Derek. “It’s an honor to be part of such a talented and experienced group of individuals.”

Engage Technologies Group is ushering in a new era of patient, manufacturer, and consumer engagement.

Engage’s ability to deliver relevant, short-form video content to end users without the use of an app, email, password, or login creates consistent messaging and patient engagement, empowerment, and confidence while delivering frictionless improvements in care delivery. Engage’s platform capabilities, including robust data analytics that provide visibility and value of the patient experience and extend the clinical brand with scheduled virtual patient interactions throughout their recovery.

About Engage

Engage Technologies Group, a privately held company based in Boise, Idaho, is a mobile intelligence technology company that specializes in delivering high-quality educational medical content to patients at their precise time of need. Spanning four different health and medical verticals, Engage provides a unique SaaS offering proven to improve patient engagement, reduce anxiety and increase practice operating efficiency and revenue.

If you would like more information about this topic, please email Steve Inch, Chief Marketing Officer at stevei@engagetg.com.

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