Endodontic Group Practice Donates $41,111 in Root Canal Treatment Services

Trident Save-a-Smile


Trident Endo’s Save-a-Smile foundation event is in its fourth year for the endodontic group practice. On this day, its affiliates and employees volunteer their time to treat patients in need. In total, they have contributed more than $165,000 in specialized endodontic treatments in Maryland.

Patients come from as far away as Washington, DC and Virginia to receive treatment from their experts.

Trident Endo is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to life-altering dental care. Our mission is to work with other providers, non-profit clinics, and community centers to reduce the negative consequences of limited access to care.


Dr. Ronald C. Taylor, the company’s founder, says, “We’re doing more than just saving teeth; we’re changing lives.” Our goal is to give back to the communities that support our practices on an annual basis. It’s the very least we can do as a business.”

Our ongoing efforts would not be possible without the dedication of our organizers, endodontists, dental assistants, and clinical staff to making a difference in the community.

About Trident Save-a-Smile

Trident Save-a-Smile Foundation was founded because of our firsthand professional experience in recognizing the need for oral health care in their communities.

Trident’s mission is to make oral health care more accessible and to create public awareness campaigns.