Eliminate Expensive Dentist Visits for Teeth Grinding



TeethNightGuard.com Supplies Relief with Affordable Teeth Grinding Mouth Guard

Bruxism, the clinical term for involuntary teeth grinding, typically occurs while we sleep, subconsciously grinding or clenching our teeth causing them harm and unnecessary damage. Due to the expensive and uncomfortable nature of dentist visits, many who suffer from teeth grinding never reach out to solve their ailment. For the past 15 years, TeethNightGuard.com has sought to change that.  More recently with cases of teeth grinding on the rise due to the stress and anxiety driven by COVID, a cost effective solution for a custom made dental guard has been a huge help for many. 

With TeethNightGuard.com, clients no longer need to schedule an expensive dentist appointment to receive their custom teeth night guard. No subscription plan, no steep bill, and no generic-shaped night guard from a drug store. Once an order is placed online a teeth impression kit is shipped out with easy to follow instructions and a prepaid mailer to return the teeth impression back to the lab.  A lab technician then uses the teeth impression to fabricate a perfect fitting custom dental guard.  With TeethNightGuard.com, a dental professional hand-crafts a custom-fitted night guard for your teeth set to last you years. Night guards from TeethNightGuard.com are NOT crafted using 3D printers due to the inferior quality of most printed night guards and with the largest selection of customization options, TeethNightGuard.com continues to establish trust in the industry at a fraction of the cost.

“Please let your employees know the guard that I received fit perfectly. In fact, they fit better than the guards my dentists have made . . . I’ve never ordered dental night guards through the mail, so I was a bit apprehensive. . . I am a customer for life as long as you keep making dental night guards,” noted Pam Hansen, a TeethNightGuard.com customer, in an online review.

All orders are placed online for customer convenience and will offer higher quality for a fraction of the price as compared to most offices. To check it out for yourself, visit www.teethnightguard.com and peruse all the custom dental night guards they offer.


TeethNightGuard.com, a Division of Sparkling White Smiles Dental Lab specializes in crafting custom dental night guards and remains the top expert in the field for over 15 years. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, TeethNightGuard.com offers high-quality, low-cost night guards all under supervision of a dental professional. To learn more about TeethNightGuard.com or to order one for yourself, visit www.teethnightguard.com.


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