“Edutainment” Redefined with Wildly Successful Invisalign Brand Partnership

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Collins and Devan Key are redefining the concept of ‘edutainment’ through their partnership with Align Technology’s Invisalign brand.

Collins and Devan Key, two of the most popular digital entertainers in the world and founders of the award-winning media company Keyper Company, are redefining the concept of ‘edutainment’ through their partnership with Align Technology’s Invisalign brand, which includes viral videos promoting proper dental health.

As part of Align Technology’s overall influencer marketing plan, they enlisted Collins and Devan Key for three consecutive campaigns to help spread awareness of the often overlooked world of dental health. Historically, when brands work with digital creators multiple times, their ROI tends to decrease with each new campaign.

However, with Collins and Devan, the opposite is true as each subsequent campaign has earned exponentially greater results for the Invisalign brand (their third campaign, of which the goals were 20% higher than the first campaign, exceeded the brand’s two main goals by 692% and 208%).

Unlike traditional influencer campaigns, which are a dime a dozen, rarely innovative and almost always result in the same factory-produced content, Collins and Devan Key turned dental health into a fun topic by organically integrating the Invisalign brand directly into their content, where their videos are viewed primarily as entertainment rather than blatant advertisements.

For example, a single YouTube video created for the campaign already has over 50 million views with an equally as impressive engagement number, and it just keeps growing.

“When Align Technology approached us about the Invisalign brand campaign, we knew we had to make it larger than life so that our audience would not only want to watch the content, but truly understand the value of the product,” said Collins Key, founder and CEO of Keyper Company. “We believe in what Align Technology is doing, and so we dug deep to come up with a multi-tiered campaign with content that is entertainment first and foremost, promotion second.”

Recently completing their third campaign with Align Technology, each campaign has included videos featuring colorful and eye-catching visuals geared toward a younger, tech-savvy audience, quirky animations and prominent yet organic Align Technology’s Invisalign brand branding, all leading fans to want to learn more about the brand themselves.

To top it off, the star of Keyper Company’s second campaign, the viral Hamster Maze vs Human Traps, earned Align Technology and Keyper Company first prize in the Influencer Content Marketing category of PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards, further proving the unparalleled value of Collins and Devan’s approach.

The biggest reason why these campaigns have been so successful in exceeding expectations is the fact that, in an unprecedented move, Align Technology, being at the forefront of viewing influencers not as individuals hired to amplify content, but as creators hired to create content, relinquished creative control of the campaigns to Keyper Company, allowing Collins and Devan to authentically capitalize on their large social followings to produce successful Invisalign brand focused content for multiple platforms.

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For more information on Align Technology’s Invisalign brand, please visit Invisalign.com.

About Collins and Devan Key

Collins and Devan Key are among the most popular digital entertainers in the world with over 21.5 million YouTube subscribers, over 4.8 billion views and averaging over 25 million views per video. Their brand-safe content is entertaining for all ages.

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