Ecosite One: It Simply Matches—Always

Written by: Scott J. Chanin, DMD


Ecosite One from DMG is the newest member of the Ecosite restorative composite family. It is an aesthetic, nanohybrid layering composite for posterior restorations that comes in one shade, with a fantastic chameleon property to accurately match the color of the surrounding tooth structure.

There are 2 major differentiating properties of Ecosite One as compared to other one-shade composite materials. The first is the material’s push-and-flow effect. At first it may seem a bit dense but once you begin modeling and packing the material, you’ll see (and feel) how it nicely fills in all the voids and undercuts, making it a perfect restorative composite. Ecosite One flows into the tooth and doesn’t run all over, making trimming and polishing the composite much easier, with less excess to clean up and less waste.

The second is Ecosite One’s unique NC-1 (non-clustering) material structure. With the precise silanization of individual ultrafine filler elements, NC-1 enables a particularly homogeneous distribution, resulting in optimum working characteristics, a maximum polish, and sparkling results.

As an added bonus for clinicians, the material’s ability to reliably cure to a depth of 3 mm in just 10 quick seconds saves valuable treatment time without compromising aesthetics, resulting in superior-quality restorations.

Having used the composite on several patients, I find that its top 2 advantages are how easily it (1) adapts to the cavity walls and (2) can be sculpted on the occlusal surface. It’s extremely easy to finish and polish. The entire procedure that follows is easy, fast, reliable, cost-effective, and highly aesthetic.

Figure 1. Initial situation with decay present under the mesial aspect of the existing restoration.

Figure 2. Preparation of tooth.

Figure 3. Slot preparation is made (minimally invasive) to access the decay.

Figure 4. Tooth isolation using an auto-matrix band.

Figure 5. Ecosite One application.

Figure 6. Final restoration that is indistinguishable from natural tooth.

Ecosite One is indicated for Class I and Class II restorations, core buildups, Class V restorations, deciduous teeth, and extended fissure sealants.

This tooth has a defective restoration with recurrent decay under the mesial aspect of the existing restoration.

The first step to doing the restoration was to prep the tooth and remove the decay. A slot prep was used to access the decay and a minimally invasive prep was used whenever possible to conserve tooth structure, especially since it bonds directly to the tooth.

The tooth was then isolated using an auto-matrix. This type of band is easy to use and place and also makes creating a contact point interproximally much easier. A wedge was used to keep the band in place and ensure that the proper interproximal contact point and the gingival margin were positioned and sealed correctly with the composite. This is the beauty of Ecosite One. The density or packability of the material makes this easy to achieve. The tooth was then etched for 15 seconds and air-dried.

Next, Ecosite Bond (DMG), a universal, one-bottle bonding agent was applied to the tooth structure and then light-cured.

Following the bonding step, Ecosite One was packed in the tooth preparation and light-cured.

After the composite was cured for at least 10 seconds per 3 mm of material, the wedge and matrix band were removed and discarded, and the restoration was polished using a polishing wheel or cup.

The final restoration is indistinguishable from the natural tooth. This was accomplished with the one universal shade of Ecosite One.

Ecosite One is a way to restore teeth using one material and an easy technique for an easily polished and extremely aesthetic result.

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Dr. Chanin is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and immediate past president and current alumnus of the Executive Board of the Penn Dental Alumni Society. He is a distinguished Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a Fellow of the International College of Dentists, a Fellow of the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics, and one of the 9 dentists in New Jersey who have earned an honor as a member of the prestigious American Society for Dental Aesthetics. Dr. Chanin has more than 40 years of providing exceptional dental care and currently practices in Flemington, NJ, at his state-of-the-art dental practice, Diamond Dental Associates.