EasyRx Now Integrates With 3DISC, Offering Seamless Digital Lab Prescription Workflow



EasyRx, a leader in universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software for dentists and orthodontists, is pleased to announce a collaboration with 3DISC, a pioneer in digital dentistry and intraoral scanning solutions. In response to user demand, this partnership brings 3DISC’s Heron and OVO IOS technology into the EasyRx digital workflow. The result is a more efficient, streamlined experience for labs and practices, eliminating extra steps and elevating the quality of patient care.


Todd Blankenbecler, general manager of EasyRx, shares his thoughts on the new alliance: “We’re delighted to partner with 3DISC, a company committed to advancing digital dentistry. This collaboration not only meets the demands of our users for an integrated, high-tech workflow, but it also sets a new standard for patient care by combining our platform with 3DISC’s advanced intraoral scanning solutions.”

Joe Andrasko, vice president of business development at 3DISC, shares his thoughts on the new alliance: “We are very excited to partner with EasyRx, which has been a pioneer in the digital workflow at the forefront of dentistry today. This collaboration makes it easier than ever for practitioners to share and use their scan data across EasyRx’s vast digital ecosystem, enabling many advanced applications for faster and better patient care.”

3DISC’s OVO and Heron IOS technologies feature a user-friendly interface and a design focused on comfort. Beyond scanning capabilities, they also capture patient images and monitor patient data over time. Notably, 3DISC’s OVO stands out with its ability to integrate intraoral scanning, dental imaging, and time-sequenced patient data, all within a compact 165-gram device. Paired with the Scan & Tell software, the OVO enhances patient-practitioner communication, offering a comprehensive and shareable overview of a patient’s dental health in under three minutes.

Through this integration, EasyRx continues its commitment to modernize the entire lab prescription management process for dentists and orthodontists. Dental practices and labs are now equipped to reduce manual tasks through a streamlined digital workflow, allowing providers to focus more on delivering quality patient care.

About 3DISC

Established in 2007, 3DISC is a global leader in digital-imaging solutions for dental and medical practices. With headquarters in the United States and France, the company prioritizes developing solutions with both dentists and patients in mind. Recognized for its innovative yet affordable products, 3DISC has earned international acclaim, including the 2018 Global Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award. For more information, visit 3disc.com.

About EasyRx

As a trailblazer in orthodontic prescription management, EasyRx has empowered over 2,300 practices and 550 labs with its comprehensive case management and 3D software platform. Awarded the 2020 AAO Ortho Innovator Award, EasyRx streamlines digital workflows, significantly reducing errors and saving valuable time. Its universal platform seamlessly integrates digital prescriptions, STL files for 3D printing, and graphical case design, making it an indispensable tool for modern, efficient practices and labs. To learn more, visit easyrxcloud.com.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Sincerely Media on Unsplash.