eAssist Dental Solutions Launches New AI-Powered Technology

eAssist Dental Solutions
eassist dental solutions


eAssist Dental Solutions (www.dentalbilling.com), the nation’s leading provider of dental billing and patient billing services for dental offices, recently announced the launch of its new AI-powered technology.

eassist dental solutions

eAssist Dental Solutions Launches New AI-Powered Technology

“From our beginning in 2011, we’ve been finding new and improved ways to combine technology and human expertise to solve problems with dental insurance billing and collections to help our clients be more profitable,” explained CEO and co-founder, Dr. James Anderson. “I’m particularly excited about our newest AI-powered software—the next step along our continuing growth journey.”

eAssist’s services are now supported by leading edge, AI-powered software. This technology works alongside a dental office’s practice management system to “scrub” claims for coding and billing errors prior to the claims being submitted to the insurance carriers. Consequently, we anticipate that offices with this technology will see a significant decrease in rejected and denied claims that must then be reworked and resubmitted for reimbursement.

According to Jason Orgill, chief technology officer at eAssist, the key benefits of the company’s new AI-powered software are these:

  • Collective Expertise: eAssist’s “Copilot” system integrates the knowledge and experience of hundreds of eAssist dental billers with an aim to minimize claim rejections and denials
  • Faster Claim Submissions: The goal of this software is to empower eAssist dental billers to submit claims even faster. By quickly identifying errors, the time required for manual review is reduced
  • Speedy Reimbursements: This software targets to reduce payment cycles to improve cash flow and revenue for eAssist clients

Orgill added, “To me, what’s most amazing is that this software design was truly driven by our end-users: the dental billers. They knew exactly what they wanted to make their jobs more efficient and deliver exceptional results to our clients. Consequently, the design concepts were built and inspired by their input. I’m also exceptionally proud of the hard work and dedication of our technology team at eAssist. We have always invested heavily in technology to increase process efficiency, speed, and functionality of the eAssist platform in ways that improve performance. In fact, as one of the leading tech-enabled revenue cycle companies out there that combines people-powered services with software. Our exceptional dental billers are now supported by AI technology, which is a unique value proposition in the industry. I am so pleased to see all that investment and hard work of our hundreds of employees are yielding tangible benefits for our clients and our entire organization as they empower the offices they serve.”

About eAssist Dental Solutions 

eAssist Dental Solutions, a Henry Schein company, is the nation’s leading dental billing company. eAssist serves thousands of dental practices by providing them with vetted dental billing specialists, allowing practice owners to fully outsource their billing department to eAssist. This end-to-end solution enhances a dental practice’s revenue cycle management and eases the burden on office staff, ultimately helping practices be more efficient, profitable, and patient-focused.

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