Eaglesoft Celebrates 21st Birthday in Las Vegas



Eaglesoft Practice Management System celebrated its 21st birthday by showing users how to find, implement and measure success in their practices. At a celebration held in conjunction with the CEREC 30th Anniversary Celebration on September 17 – 19 in Las Vegas, event attendees met with Eaglesoft experts and participated in training sessions focused on how to create a more successful and profitable practice.

Attending Eaglesoft users were given the opportunity to explore features of the system they may not yet be using in their practices, like Eaglesoft Mobile, which allows practices to access the software anywhere at anytime. Attendees took home over 10 hours of invaluable Eaglesoft specific training, along with instrumental advice on how to have an extraordinary practice and life – as both are possible with the right technology.

With plenty of networking opportunities, Eaglesoft users gathered to share stories and tell firsthand experiences about the ways Eaglesoft has helped their practices grow and succeed, along with many useful tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way for both using the software and managing their businesses. Best yet, attendees were some of the first to get a sneak peak of Eaglesoft 18 and the new features and benefits it has to offer.

“Our goal is to help dental practices find, implement and measure success, which is exactly what we were able to do at this event, and what we will continue to focus on for the next iteration of the software, Eaglesoft 18,” said Jana Berghoff, technology marketing manager of Patterson Dental. “We couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate Eaglesoft’s 21st birthday and we thank all of our attendees for joining in the celebration!”