DS Core Upgrades: Enhanced Workflows, Patient Communication, and Partner Collaboration

Dentsply Sirona
dentsply sirona, ds core


DS Core is an innovative platform that empowers users in practices and labs to fully leverage digital dentistry, providing support throughout the entire treatment continuum. It connects devices and services, facilitating seamless collaboration with specialists, partners, and labs, while incorporating tools for personalized patient communication.

dentsply sirona, ds core

Patient Consultation with DS Core Communication Canvas

Key Features of Enhanced DS Core:

  1. Communication Canvas Enhancement: This tool enhances patient communication through illustrative and user-friendly features. Various patient images, including X-rays, photos, and intraoral scans, can now be arranged on a digital canvas in 2D and 3D. Dentists can insert annotations, such as text or freehand drawings, facilitating clear communication. GDPR and HIPAA guidelines are adhered to, ensuring privacy-compliant data sharing.
  2. Viewer Update: The viewer function in DS Core now supports additional data formats like STL and PLY. This enhancement makes the cloud platform a robust tool for communication and collaboration, especially for users employing third-party intraoral scanners.
  3. Unified Ordering System: DS Core introduces a function that links dental practices with labs and service providers. Dentists can easily collaborate with their preferred lab or discover new specialists. The ordering system simplifies order placement and management. An updated chat function ensures straightforward communication, enhancing platform accessibility via smartphones. Labs also have the option to export their worksheets as PDFs.

Smart Workflows in a Cloud-Based System:

DS Core offers dentists an innovative platform for growth and efficiency, automating the upload of images from intraoral scanners and 2D/3D X-ray systems. Third-party data can be uploaded manually. Patient data and design files are centralized, allowing direct opening and transfer to manufacturing units (Primemill or Primeprint Solution) for tasks like creating restorations or surgical guides.

Added value for practices and labs

Users of DS Core have an array of options to choose from to integrate into their daily workflows. Dr. Eugene Lee, a dentist from Sydney, Australia, appreciates this as well: “With DS Core, having my milling machine at one practice and a scanner in the other is no longer a problem. DS Core allows me to send data almost instantaneously between the two, and the ease of use allows either me or my staff to scan and then mill or print, which helps me save time and effort.”

Dentists benefit from spending less time organizing the treatment process, allowing them to spend more time with the patient. Labs can save time by having all order data, files and messages efficiently managed on one platform. DS Core is open to data from all intraoral scanners and supports most relevant file formats (e.g., STL, DICOM), allowing labs to work with nearly all customers on a single platform. Dentists and dental technicians do not have to worry about licenses, maintenance or required updates. DS Core software updates run automatically, so users always have access to the latest version and features.*

“With DS Core, Dentsply Sirona offers a cloud solution that is device-independent. Users can access and use the functions from anywhere,” explained Max Milz, group vice president connected technology solutions at Dentsply Sirona. “It’s all in one place, can be controlled intuitively like a smartphone, and can provide great simplification to the IT infrastructure of practices and labs.”

For further information, please check the website: https://www.dentsplysirona.com/en/discover/discover-by-brand/ds-core.html

*Requires a monthly paid subscription

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