Dr. B Dental Solutions Secures Over $5 Million In Seed Funding

Dr. B Dental Solutions
dr. b dental solutions


Dr. B Dental Solutions, a premium oral care brand focused on solutions for denture, implant, and removable dental appliance users, has raised over $5 million in its seed round. Investors include the HALL Group and over twenty prominent dental professionals.

dr. b dental solutions

There are currently more than 42 million denture-wearers in the United States and, according to Fortune Business Insights, the country’s denture care market was valued at over $3.6 billion in 2021 despite having only three major denture adhesive and cleaner brands in the U.S.

Since its launch in 2018, Dr. B Dental Solutions, has been transforming the denture care product category with unique and superior products like Cleanadent Paste, the only toothpaste recommended by the American Dental Association for dental prosthetics as well as inside the mouth. More broadly, the company’s range of products are positioned to meet the needs of 90 million Americans with other types of dental appliances: aligners, retainers, snoring devices, and guards.

“Our investors understand the magnitude of this market,” said Lorin Berland, DDS, founder of Dr. B Dental Solutions. “Even more importantly, they understand how our products solve the common, yet serious issues affecting the lives of dental appliance users. We are on a mission to help millions of people look, feel, and live better.”

The demand for dentures is booming due to an aging population, genetics, trauma, medications, and economic uncertainty. Social media has also been a major force in driving younger people to dentures for cosmetic reasons.

Dr. B is the only brand created by a dentist with multiple ADA Seals of Acceptance and made with natural ingredients. The company plans to use the funds from the seed round to scale its business to meet projected demand for the third and fourth quarters of 2023.

“I’ve known Dr. Berland for more than two decades and have seen firsthand the passion he has for his products and improving the lives of his customers,” said Craig Hall, Founder and CEO of Hall Group. “Dr. B Dental Solutions is well-positioned for sustainable, long-term growth.”

Dr. B Dental Solutions continues to address the unmet needs and wants of a large and growing demographic that has been neglected by Big Pharma, which has led to a large distribution deal with some of the biggest players in the denture and dental implant arena. Their products are currently available through the Dr. B website and at Affordable Dentures & Implants, the world’s largest provider of dentures and implants. They are also in negotiations with several other dental support organizations.

“These funds will allow us to achieve the next stage of growth for our company and enable us to help the hundreds of millions of denture wearers around the world,” said JP Berland, President of Dr. B Dental Solutions.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Mackenzie Marco on Unsplash.