Composite Crown Provides Affordable, High-Quality Restorative Option

DMG America
DMG America, luxacrown


DMG America, luxacrown

A perfect fit between temporary and permanent restorations, DMG America and their LuxaCrown product offer patients an affordable, high-quality restorative option. The versatile, easy-to-use chairside material provides superior aesthetics with remarkable reliability and longevity for up to 5 years, allowing one to create exquisite, long-lasting crowns and bridges, quickly and efficiently.

As the first semi-permanent material to the market, LuxaCrown’s fracture toughness and flexural strength provide lasting durability, making it an ideal solution for patients with a range of indications that include: phased complex treatment plans, bruxism, implants, cosmetics, and vertical dimension cases requiring a longer treatment period.

It is the missing element in restorative dental care that bridges the gap between simple temporary provisionals and permanent dental prostheses, with its remarkable combination of strength, durability, and aesthetics.

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