Directa Dental Group Acquires Parkell Inc.



Directa Dental Group, which manufactures dental consumables and materials, has acquired Parkell Inc, which makes dental materials and electronics.

“This acquisition marks and important step in the strong, strategic expansion of our business in key market segments,” said Henric Karsk, CEO of Directa Dental Group.

“Directa Dental Group is an ideal entity for allowing Parkell to continue developing new business and achieving the next level of growth,” said Karen Mitchell, prior CEO of Parkell.

Parkell will continue to operate independently under its own brand with Mitchell serving as president. The company is known for products such as its SHARP premium vinyl polysiloxane impression materials, Aurora S3 curing light, and DryZ Retraction Paste.

Directa Dental Group comprises Directa AB, Orsing AB, and TopDental (Products) Ltd. It makes the ProxyPal 3-D contoured matrix, Luxator LX mechanical periotome, and the ProphyCare system, among other products.

“We will continue to grow and strengthen our relationships while expanding the breadth of products in niche areas around the world, with Parkell being an important new member to the Directa Dental Group,” said Karsk.

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