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Desktop Health announced global availability of the Einstein Pro XL, an affordable, high-accuracy, high-throughput 3D printer ideal for dental labs, orthodontists, and other medical device manufacturers.

The Einstein Pro XL is a DLP-based polymer printing system that uses a 4K ultra high-definition projector to deliver precision printing of 45 micron in X and Y across a large build area of 9.8 x 5.5 x 6.5 in (249.1 x 140.1 x 165.1 mm).

desktop health

Desktop Health announced global availability of the Einstein Pro XL, an affordable, high-accuracy, high-throughput 3D printer ideal for dental labs, orthodontists, and other medical device manufacturers. The printer can produce 30 full arch dental models in about an hour for the final creation of thermoformed orthodontic aligners. (Photo: Business Wire)

This high-speed printer features proprietary Hyperprint technology that turbocharges print times with strategically applied heat and a closed-loop sensing system, in addition to other enhancements.

The Einstein Pro XL retails for $39,999, without a long-term lease commitment. This new model joins the popular entry-level Einstein desktop printer, which launched in 2022, as a complete set of printers for dental and medical professionals.

“The Einstein Pro XL stands alone as a premium, production-grade DLP system in the sub-$40,000 dental lab market,” said Ric Fulop, founder and CEO of Desktop Metal. “Built on a trusted DLP architecture, the Einstein Pro XL is loaded with upgrades that make it an ROI powerhouse for productivity-oriented labs serving the most demanding dental professionals and patients.

Fulop continued, “While Einstein Pro XL can 3D print a wide range of resins for dental models and other devices such as bite guards, it’s the only large-volume printer on the market capable of printing our popular and proprietary Flexcera material for exceptionally strong temporary and permanent restorations. We’re delighted to offer this highly anticipated new system to the global market.”

“I have been printing in-office since 2014, and ever since we started printing with the Einstein Pro XL 3D printer, we have been able to double our production in fewer prints while satisfying our standard of high accuracy models,” said Dr. Ed Lin, co-owner of Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay, which has its own in-house orthodontic lab. “We are very excited about the high throughput and reliable precision of this new printer from Desktop Health.”

An Affordable Workhorse

To meet the demanding uptime requirements of dental and orthodontic labs, the Einstein Pro XL has been tested in hundreds of hours of printing internally and externally with users worldwide. While final throughput may vary based on specific case sizes, testing of multiple Einstein Pro XL systems across multiple builds demonstrates the high productivity of the system:

Dental & Orthodontic Model Print Times

  • 30 full arch models in 68 minutes
  • 46 crown & bridge models in 61 minutes

Prosthetics & Appliances Print Times

  • 52 night guards in 186 minutes
  • 14 monolithic dentures in 79 minutes
  • 18 denture bases in 130 minutes
  • 15 full arch denture teeth in 35 minutes
  • 330 temporaries or crowns in 32 minutes

Premium Materials

The Einstein Pro XL is qualified to 3D print Desktop Health’s most popular dental materials.

The full family of Flexcera materials — including Flexcera Base, Flexcera Smile and Flexcera Smile Ultra+2 — is qualified on the Einstein Pro XL to print temporary and permanent restorations. An FDA 510(k) cleared Class II material, Flexcera Smile Ultra+ prints strong and beautiful temporary and permanent dental restorations, including veneers, crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Model materials, such as longtime favorite E-Model Light and Model Z for speed, can produce accurate full arch models quickly for the final creation of thermoformed orthodontic aligners or fitting of crowns, bridges and more.

What’s more, SmileGuard for bite splints, night guards, and mouth guards, as well as E-Tray are also qualified for use on the Einstein Pro XL. E-Guard and E-Guide, already approved for use on the Einstein desktop printer, are expected to be qualified on the Einstein Pro XL by the end of June.

The Benefits of DLP Printing

The Einstein Pro XL is a DLP printing system, a form of 3D printing photopolymers that originated in 2002 with the EnvisionTEC Perfactory series, the base platform for the Einstein Pro XL.

DLP delivers both speed and quality by harnessing the power of a high-definition projector to rapidly flash and cure one layer of resin at a time using a theater-quality DLP chip. Because projectors expose light in pixels, the brightness of each pixel can be controlled individually. That allows for curing of each pixel to different depths or volumetric pixels, also known as voxels. The ability to control each voxel dramatically improves the accuracy and surface quality of 3D printed parts, especially when paired with custom optics and specific light wavelengths.

The Einstein Pro XL features a 4K UHD projector powered by an industrial DLP chip below the print vat. Dual linear slides for the moving build plate ensure a high accuracy print across the entire print bed by maintaining a parallel build environment. Depending on the material being processed, layer thicknesses down to 25 micron can be achieved. Custom optics and NanoFit 385, a custom wavelength for superior curing, are just some of the upgrades offered in this new system. Desktop Metal acquired EnvisionTEC and its DLP technology in 2021.

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1 The Einstein Pro XL is offered in the sub-$40,000 price category.
2 Flexcera Smile Ultra+ is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class II material and is still awaiting final regulatory approval in the EU.