Primescan and Atlantis Suprastructures: A Validated Workflow For Efficient Treatment of Edentulous Patients

Dentsply Sirona


Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona has validated a new workflow for clinically-efficient and digitally-supported implant treatment that includes all components, from impression to prosthetics. An essential part of this workflow is taking the digital impression with Primescan, which is characterized by ease of use, speed and very high accuracy1 over the entire arch. All treatment steps are coordinated with each other and come together in an efficient implant dentistry workflow.

With the upgrade of Connect SW 5.2, dental professionals now have convenient access to high-quality, patient-specific Atlantis suprastructures, designed and manufactured using highly accurate digital impression taken by Primescan. New firmware makes the intraoral scanner twice as fast, provides a higher-performing scanning experience and gives users access to new workflows and even better usability*.

In the validated workflow with Atlantis, dentists benefit from a very high flexibility, as the individual steps can be carried out completely digitally and in collaboration with the laboratory. Dentsply Sirona offers the possibility of ordering prosthetic components, including a complete suprastructure for the partial or full-arch case, from the global Atlantis design and manufacturing sites, the company’s own digital laboratory.

Dentsply Sirona is the first to enable intraoral scans with Atlantis suprastructures for fixed multiple-unit implant restorations. Thanks to the proven accuracy1 of Primescan, it is the first and only intraoral scanner validated for the fully digital workflow for Atlantis suprastructures, which was previously only validated for laboratory scanners.

With Primescan, a digital impression can be taken for single teeth, quadrants, whole dentition and now also edentulous jaws with multiple implants placed based on the Atlantis IO FLO-S scanbody. Users can then transfer scan data to their preferred lab via the Connect Case Center. Based on the open data format, labs must be able to detect the IO FLO-S scanbody in their lab software and can start working on the case coming from Primescan, creating more efficiency between practice and lab. Once complete, the technician can upload all required data to Atlantis.

Simplified and improved workflow with Primescan*

The combination of Atlantis suprastructures and the full arch accuracy of Primescan assists in delivering an easier workflow for the dentist and the dental laboratory. Following this protocol, the clinician takes a digital impression using Primescan and Atlantis IO FLO-S Scanbodies. The partnering dental laboratory finalizes the order and sends it to Dentsply Sirona for design and manufacturing of the Atlantis suprastructure. The restoration is finalized by the lab technician and sent back to the clinician.

Atlantis patient-specific solutions

When function and esthetics are prioritized, a customized, patient-specific restoration probably is a natural choice. Atlantis patient-specific solutions are produced using state-of-the-art technologies and supported by computer based industrial and medical device expertise for a very high accuracy.

Moreover, additive manufacturing provides new possibilities for advanced geometries for fixed, screw-retained solutions in titanium or cobalt-chrome for all major implant systems. Atlantis includes a full range of dental implant suprastructures for fixed and removable splinted implant restorations.

“It is a big step forward to restore edentulous jaws using a digital workflow. This makes the process of planning, surgery and restoration between the clinician and the laboratory more coherent and offers very good esthetic results, while taking less clinical time,” explained Dr. Martin Wanendeya, dentist from London (UK). “Atlantis’ validation for Primescan gives us as practitioners the reassurance that it works reliably and consistently.”

This reliability was a major focus of the validation: Supporting implant restorations comprehensively with digital technology gives everyone involved peace of mind, ensuring that the planned treatment can be implemented predictably.

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* Unless stated otherwise, all comparative statements in this press release refer to a comparison between Dentsply Sirona products.

1 [Date of last access: 2021, July 5th]

Due to the different approval and registration times, not all technologies and products are immediately available in all countries.