Dentsply Sirona Introduces 3D Printing Resins for Production of Flexible Splints with Primeprint

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Dentsply Sirona, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, expands the application range of its Primeprint Solution with the introduction of new resins to its portfolio. The recently FDA and CE cleared Primeprint Splint ST and Primeprint Splint SF resins cater to the needs of dental professionals seeking to create patient-specific nightguards and splints for various treatments, ensuring precise fits, high biocompatibility, and instilling confidence in their practice. These splints are increasingly in demand in dental practices, particularly for patients dealing with bruxism.

dentsply sirona

The new Splint solution enables a high gloss result already after the printing process.

Utilizing the Primeprint Solution for manufacturing nightguards presents numerous advantages, coupled with the high degree of automation in the Dentsply Sirona 3D printing system. The innovative Primeprint Material Unit Type S and application-specific print processes reduce manual work, such as time-consuming polishing, making the results shiny after the post-curing process and easily detachable from support structures.

Primeprint Splint ST and Primeprint Splint SF resins offer the flexibility to be printed with thin wall thickness, starting at 0.8 mm. They present varying degrees of hardness and flexibility, allowing selection based on the indication and the patient’s needs. These resins are free of MMA, THF-MA, and TPO2, ensuring a neutral taste and scent for optimal patient wear comfort.

The new resins seamlessly integrate into the Primeprint 3D printing system, offering dental professionals flexibility in their workflows. Whether designing in-house using inLab Software, ordering from DS Core Create, or selecting their preferred dental lab, practitioners can benefit from simplified workflows. When utilizing DS Core Create design services, the splint design is delivered as a ready-to-print file within a six-hour turnaround time, streamlining production and facilitating easy delegation of the workflow to practice staff.

“Thanks to the new splint solution, I can now offer expanded indications for my patients with 3D printing,” explained Dr. Meena Barsoum, dentist from Arlington (USA), one of the first users of the new Primeprint Splint ST and Primeprint Splint SF resins. “I love how easy it is to remove the support structures after the automated post-processing in the PPU, and my patients appreciate both the wearing comfort and the esthetics.”

“This innovation is another step toward advancing automated 3D printing in practices and laboratories,” said Max Milz, group vice president connected technology solutions at Dentsply Sirona. “So dental 3D printing is once again proving to be a highly attractive technology that is particularly suitable for fabricating non-permanent removable applications such as splints, surgical guides and models and seamlessly complements existing methods.”

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