More than 85% of doctors—according to a 2012 DENTSPLY Caulk survey—claim that SureFil SDR flow has simplified their Class I and II procedures. SureFil SDR flow material can be placed in 4-mm increments, saving up to 40% in placement time, making it the most preferred flowable composite for Class I and II procedures, according to the DENTSPLY Caulk survey. It possesses all the benefits that are desired in a flowable composite, including stress absorption and excellent cavity adaptation. It now comes with the added benefit of bulk filling. With its unique self-leveling handling, it requires little to no manipulation of the material after placement and provides excellent cavity adaptation. SureFil SDR flow material is the first-ever bulk-fill flowable base available in individual, predosed Compula tips and a convenient syringe delivery. For more information, call (800) 532-2855 or visit