Dentists Face Greatest Risk of Infection in Employment Hazard Survey

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Dentists face the greatest risk of infection and was have the third worst job for overall health, according to a survey by Lenstore.  

The online contact lens retailer looked at eight specific risks across 48 different professions, including hazardous materials, injury, joint and muscular issues, posture, sensory damage, fitness, and sun damage in addition to infection.

When it comes to infection risks, dentists were followed by critical care nurses, general practitioners, emergency medical technicians and paramedics, anesthesiologists, surgeons, veterinarians, flight attendants, physical therapists, and firefighters.

Dentists also find themselves in various positions on the lists of other risks:

  • Seventh in hazardous materials
  • Twentieth in injury
  • Third in joints and muscular issues
  • Seventeenth in posture
  • Forty-fifth in sensory damage
  • Tenth in fitness
  • Thirty-eighth in sun damage

As a whole, accountants face the fewest overall risks to their health, while emergency medical technicians and paramedics face the greatest risks. The most common health threat is physical proximity, which occurs more frequently among all jobs than any other risk.

Physical proximity can increase the chances of infection and is 6.7 times more common across the board than exposure to whole-body vibration, the least common threat, which can damage bones and joints.

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