Dentist Needs Implant Patients for Training Program



Timothy F. Kosinski, DDS, is looking for 16 people who need dental implants to be patients in his training program for other dentists who want to learn his techniques. Candidates must be missing upper or lower back teeth, and they must be free of any uncontrolled medical problems.

Kosinski will perform a no-fee evaluation to determine if implants are appropriate for these potential patients. Once selected, patients will receive a dental implant and abutment for $699, which is a $1,500 savings. After healing, Kosinski also will create a crown for a reduced fee.

Dentists will come to Kosinski’s office and perform the implant surgery on these patients under Kosinski’s supervision as part of a training program he offers in cooperation with the Engel Institute, led by Todd Engel, DDS.

These dentists will use Vatech’s Green CT technology to perform a CT scan on each patient, enabling them to evaluate spaces in the mouth and determine the available bone in 3 dimensions for more accurate placement of the implants. The scanning also helps dentists evaluate other health issues such as decay and abscesses.

Unlike traditional CBCT imaging, Green CT uses an ultra-low radiation dosage while providing a clinically meaningful and diagnosable image, Kosinski says. It also uses ecofriendly materials and assembly. And, it has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for pediatric use.

Kosinski uses Green CT in his dental implant evaluations daily. He has trained hundreds of professional dentists and students in implant techniques. Also, he has placed more than 12,000 dental implants in his career, including more than 1,000 implants last year.

Kosinski’s office is located in at 31000 Telegraph Road, Suite 170, in Bingham Farms, Mich. Interested patients should contact his office, SmileCreator of Bingham Farms, by Oct. 15. Procedures will be performed in December. For more information, call Jan or Lorry at (248) 646-8651.

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