DentiMax Donates $19k of Digital X-ray Equipment to Samoan Clinics



David Arnett, co-founder and president of DentiMax, recently traveled to Samoa, where he donated DentiMax sensors, laptops, and software to the Samoan government and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Arnett learned about the need for equipment in Samoa when speaking to Brad Smith, former dean of the Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine-Arizona.

“He told me there was a need and I asked him what I could do to help,” Arnett said.

Samoa’s dental clinics are dwindling as dentists move to nearby islands like New Zealand for better pay and equipment. Today, only a handful of dental offices are left on the island, including the government clinic and the Church’s clinic. With Samoa’s limited resources, access to proper dental care is challenging. The clinic’s new DentiMax equipment will not only allow these dental professionals to see more patients but also allow them to diagnose and treat patients more effectively.

“The government clinic has been using film, which takes time to develop. Now that they are able to use digital radiography, they can provide care to more patients,” Arnett said.

Dr. Steven and Lisa Titensor are volunteer missionaries who run the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ dental clinic. This clinic offers free dental treatment for children and adults.

“We were always bottlenecked because we only had one sensor and six chairs. Being able to not wait for a sensor and computer in between patients makes a huge difference and can really speed things up,” Mrs. Titensor said. “Plus, if that one sensor goes down, that’s all we have. Getting a sensor and supplies over here would take months.”

The couple regularly travels to educate children about proper dental hygiene in local schools.

“We encourage parents to come and see how to brush and floss their kids’ teeth. Plus the sensors are great at showing decay in between teeth, which helps patients understand the importance of proper oral hygiene,” Dr. Titensor said. “Without sensors, that would be impossible.”

DentiMax’s charitable program has also donated to Tonga and Guatemala.

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